Classic Colt Commander Goodness!

Classic Colt Commander Goodness!

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Thread: Classic Colt Commander Goodness!

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    Talking Classic Colt Commander Goodness!

    Did I score the big one today? Oh you better believe it! A quick trip downtown to run some mundane errands warranted a stop at Gander Mountain to check out the used selection as usual and what should I see but a Lightweight Commander in very nice condition for $720.00. I tried to resist but then realized that even if I do need money in the near future I can always just sell this gun for as much or more than I paid. That tax return lasted all of 12 hours. :shrug:

    I know the guys that work there pretty well so they took another $20 off and I took it home for less than $750 tax and all. I went straight home, tore it down, lubed it up, dropped in a new recoil spring, put some paint on the front sight and headed for the range. The more I handled it the more I knew this was a good deal. The bushing fits nice and snug and the bluing is damn near perfect. The alloy frame has a few wear marks and an idiot scratch but nothing horrible. The interior is in very nice shape, I don't think this was fired much. The manager (who I know to be a decent, honest guy) told me this was likely manufactured in 1962. Boy did they know how to put a pistol together back then. The trigger is very smooth and light, much better than most factory 1911 triggers today.

    Once I got the range I loaded up some hardball and started blasting. First impression: OUCH! Second impression: OUCH!!!! One thing that has improved in the last 45 years; the smoothness of thumb safeties. This one has a big sharp ridge along the back edge. My steel framed Commander has a nicely smoothed out thumb safety. It doesn't have that pretty blue finish, but it doesn't cut the crap out of my hand either. Accuracy, however, was good. I seemed to be hitting high and left. The high part was me getting used to the sights. The left part was me flinching from pain. Today I discovered hammer bite. Hammer bite hurts. So it's not perfect; we have a few issues to work out. That's OK, comfort issues are easy to address. It appears that accuracy and reliability are not going to be issues at all, and for that I'm . This pistol fired 107 rounds of hardball and then 22 rounds of Winchester hollowpoints without a hiccup. Just bang bang bang. Once I address the comfort issues and get used the new sights I think this will be a very very fine carry pistol.

    Here's a scan of the first group I fired. The first round was closest to the bullseye, then the flinch started to kick in with the pain. Still, it's center-of-bad-guy accurate and I'll take it.

    Oh yeah, here's a shot of the aftermath of my range session. It seems we're blood brothers now.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Classic Colt Commander Goodness!-lw-commander-002-copy.jpg  

    Classic Colt Commander Goodness!-lw-commander-005-copy.jpg  

    Classic Colt Commander Goodness!-lw-commander011.jpg  

    Classic Colt Commander Goodness!-lw-commander-003-copy.jpg  

    - Kurt
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    Looks like a great find - congrats!

    Lookup the serial number here:
    and report back.

    S/N 288000C to 289849C 1961
    S/N 289850C to 291299C 1962
    S/N 291300C to 293799C 1963
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    Thumbs up

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Classic Colt Commander Goodness!-back-up-093.jpg  

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    nice ! congrats !
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    On a 1911 without a beavertail you might want to grip it just a hair lower. It won't take much but it will cure that hammer bite. That's why beavertails have become so popular!
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    Fiscal irresponcibility and justifying the purchase is exactly how I got my Commander two weeks ago. When it comes to 45's I can talk myself into anything.
    'The assailant chooses the time, location and method of attack.

    Since they are unlikely to let you know ahead of time when, where and how violent they're going to be, you should always be prepared.' - matiki

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    that's a great find. my dad bought one years ago; it's still his primary carry piece.

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    great find congrats

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    Of all the guns I've owned and sold over the years, the one I most wish I had kept was a series 70 lightweight commander.

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