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what should i buy?

This is a discussion on what should i buy? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; here are my picks: glock 26, 33 kahr pm9 s&w 9ve colt officer 3.5" or defender 3" para ordnance p12...

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Thread: what should i buy?

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    the raggedy edge
    here are my picks:

    glock 26, 33
    kahr pm9
    s&w 9ve
    colt officer 3.5" or defender 3"
    para ordnance p12

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    I have fired a sub-compact XD-9 and didn't find it uncomfortable to shoot. I'm probably not the best judge of that though (I don't find .44 Mag uncomfortable to shoot either). Still, I don't think you would have any trouble with an XD sub-compact.

    Another very good choice is the SIG P239. My brother has one and it is extremely accurate and reliable. The smaller grip tends to fit small hands better as well. Best of luck in your search.
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    Carry: Currently I mainly shoot .40S&W, but have been considering getting a 9mm conversion barrel for at least one of my current collection of .40's.

    If you are looking for a new model I would consider the new S&W M&P 9c. You might also consider the Glock G19, as well as the G26 (both in the 9mm). I also enjoy shooting my SIG P239.
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    I got a Springfield XD subcompact in 9mm for my first pistol and I love it. It is definitely worth checking out. I have never had any issue with it, it is extremely accurate for a sub compact, it conceals very easily and I love the grip and trigger safeties that I don't have to think about manually turning on and off.

    Overall, and awesome little pistol and a really nice community over at XDTalk as well.

    I now own 5 pistols but the XD is still my favorite carry weapon, by a long shot.
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    Alot of awsome pistols have been mentioned. However you said $$$s were not an issue. With that in mind I'd go for the H&K P7 or a Rohrbaugh. Both are high quality and hi end 9mm pistols.

    Other than that, and slim easy to carry great shooting Kahr is what I find on my belt more than any other when I'm off duty. Infact I'm thinking of getting their new TP45.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friesepferd View Post
    how are the subcompacts (specifically HK and XD) as far as a range gun?

    are the subcompacts enough gun that i can shoot them comfortably for a while? i understand theres always a triad off between hide-ability and shoot-ability. im looking for something in btwn.
    thanks for your posts so far. keem em commin
    XD subcompact I think makes a fine range gun. I've never shot more than 200 rounds at one session, but fatigue was not close to a factor, only that my hour was up.

    I definately agree with pogo, It is wise to shoot your carry gun often.
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    Since you don't like the glocks, then I would say go with an XD. But, if I read your post right, then you should try shooting a glock at least once before you completely dismiss it. I have know several people who didn't like the feel of the Glock until they shot it side by side with others and then they fell in love with it. You may also want to look at a Sig 239.
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    Welcome to the board!

    I can only comment on the XD subcompact. I had one in .40S&W. My wife is slight of stature and liked everything about it except 1) it's a little top heavy when not loaded (for dry-firing), and 2) it goes BOOM!

    Actually, she preferred 9mm and .38Spl because of weak wrists and hands. (That's how I wound up with a Glock 26.)

    As for me...I found the XD subcompact to be quite accurate. I can't imagine the 9mm would be any less...in fact I would expect a faster recovery to target with the 9mm. I found the stipling on the grip to be a little rough...but some light buffing took care of the sharp edges. I experienced no more fatigue shooting at the range that with any other pistol in a combat caliber. In fact, I could shoot at 25 yds better with the XDsc than I could with my full-size 1911. (Horrors! I know...)

    Now...for the usual caveat: YMMV. Try to shoot the weapons you mentioned before you buy if at all possible... It's a bad feeling to get a new weapon to the range and realize that you hate it. If you can't fire the models you are considering, go for what feels best in your hand...being sure to consider trigger pull vs. the length of your trigger finger when you have a proper grip. When considering balance, realized that 10 - 15 rounds will change that somewhat.

    Have fun. Stay safe. Be prepared...these things have a way of multiplying!

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    Whereabouts in MI do you live? Double Action on Dequindre will rent out handguns, so you can try a few different models there without having to buy them.

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    I can commit on the HK USP compact, 9mm. This is one excellent firearm that has proven itself to be totally reliable over the length of time it has been out. This handgun, in the variant 1 model (most common), also comes with a manual safety/decocker. Since you stated this will be your first handgun, I highly suggest your first handgun have at least a decocker.
    I originally looked at the HK P2000sk but this handgun just did not fit my hand. The grip was just too short. I originally thought this would be the best selection because of it being a sub-compact while in actuality the P2000sk is not that much smaller than the USPc. I placed a P2000sk on top of a USPc, at the gun shop, and saw the slight difference in size. The USPc is actually thinner than the P2000sk. HK's are not cheap, but can be found over the net at very reasonable prices. As HK's slogon says "Don't Compromise".
    Good luck with your search.
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    I just purchased an S & W SC9 SS 9mm from a LEO friend of mine.
    I love it. Its small, light, fits my hand and points naturally.
    This is a great CCW carry gun..
    My other 9mm is a Taurus 24/7 Pro SS 9mm. It’s a little larger but still fits my hand
    And shoots great.
    You mite try Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor, Mi.
    They have rentals to try out . Great place.
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    There has been some good advice in this thread, and some down right irresponsible advice. Remember guys, this is a first gun!
    Your caliber choice is a good one, 9mm is cheap to shoot, recoil is almost nothing with the correct choice in a gun. Its plenty of powerful for self defense.

    Do not go with anything out of the mainstream, you will regret it. I will guarantee that. Glocks are as mainstream as you can get, as are the 1911 pattern guns. A Sig would be a wise choice. The XD's are close and would be an OK choice too. There are others out there as well. This is important because you will need to buy holsters, magazines etc. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the proper stuff to use your gun- let alone parts if something should break.
    This is a major source of Noobs getting turned off from the gun world.
    You need to be concerned with the manufactures customer service, only choose one that has a good reputation. It may not matter now, but it will some day.
    For your first gun, stay away from anything micro/mini. They are bad habit breeding for a number of reasons. I love my Keltecs and Kahrs, but save that purchase until you have far more experience.

    I got to push for a Glock... they are by far the easiest to deal with in all factors. They do have a learning curve, and they are an acquired taste. The G19 would be perfect for your purpose. Its large enough to be a good first gun, and small enough to CC with. The G17 would be a better choice to learn on though, and you still can carry it rather easy.
    My second choice would be Sig. A 239 or 229 would work well. A little heavy compared to the Glocks, but its a world class pistol.
    If you want a XD, there is nothing wrong with them. I feel that there is to many bells and whistles for the new shooter to concern himself with. I go with the opposite way of thinking than most... I think they create bad habits in a new shooter as well. They make people to reliant on the guns safety features than their own noggin. But, there is two schools of thought on that, and I wont say the other is wrong.

    Oh yeah, heres a good bit of gun buyin' advice. Before you buy your gun, shop around for stuff you know you will need, or think you may want. If you cannot find it within a few local shops, its time to choose another gun.
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    From what I've skimmed so far, no one has suggested a look into .38 super. It's a fine round, offers extraordinary accuracy, low recoil, and I vastly prefer it over 9mm. Another advantage is that many 1911s are made for this caliber and they are a HOOT to shoot!

    Nothing wrong with 9mm for the budget-minded shooter, possessed of excellent shot placement skills. I see no place for .40, as 10mm, while harder to find and more expensive is a far superior cartridge.

    If you just can't deal with .45acp, then try .38 Super. Tres FUN!
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    thanks a lot for your help guys.
    i wasnt expecting to get so much helpful advice!
    i definatly wont be buying anything without trying it first.
    the range i go to at home has gun rentals and im pretty sure they have the XD. im starting to learn towards that or maybe the HK.
    school is just about out so ill be able to go out and try stuff.
    my friend has a kahr9 that im going to look at again, and hopefully i can find someone with a KH P2000 or something simaler.
    ill let ya know how i think they shoot when i get the chance
    oh and just wondering. has anybody heard of ppl having problems with the XD? iv been looking into it a lot and have yet to hear a bad thing about it - exept that it has too many safties. but dont worry. im smart enough not to rely on those for anything.
    oh. and the trigger safty on them, do they impring like the glocks do? ive heard that after a while at the range your pointer finger starts to get a little indent from em and hurts. does the XD do the same?

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    Have to agree with Sixto. Of all the pistols mentioned, the Glock 19 better fits the role of carry/range gun. As he mentioned, it is necessary to shoot one a bit to really appreciate the platform. I stayed away from Glocks untill they were issued to me and became required duty carry. I currently own several Glocks and use one extensively for SSP class IDPA. In my safe, most major manufacturers are represented. The Glocks have earned their place. Everytime a new polymer wonder comes out, I give them a try like everyone else. Most are sold or traded. To date, I have not found any of those to do anything better than the Glock.

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