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oh and just wondering. has anybody heard of ppl having problems with the XD? iv been looking into it a lot and have yet to hear a bad thing about it - exept that it has too many safties. but dont worry. im smart enough not to rely on those for anything.
oh. and the trigger safty on them, do they impring like the glocks do? ive heard that after a while at the range your pointer finger starts to get a little indent from em and hurts. does the XD do the same?
I haven't heard of any problems except that the earliest ones has corrosion problems. This apparantly been resolved. I think it has just the right number of safeties, being single action and having a lighter trigger pull than the glock I've fired is a big bonus to me, but because there is no way to have a round in the chamber without the gun being cocked, I really appreciate the grip safety in addition to the trigger safety.
Oh, the trigger safety on my XD9SC is really easy to pull in. I never even notice it's there while shooting.

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