Revolver Sights

Revolver Sights

This is a discussion on Revolver Sights within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have a suggestion for high visibility sight systems for revolvers? I like the principal behind XS Big Dots. Problem is it is primarily ...

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Thread: Revolver Sights

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    Revolver Sights

    Does anyone have a suggestion for high visibility sight systems for revolvers? I like the principal behind XS Big Dots. Problem is it is primarily oriented toward pistols as opposed to revolvers. Putting a big dot on the front sight of a revolver does not necessarily solve the aiming problem.

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    I have a S&W Thunder Ranch Revolver that came with a Half Moon Front Sight.

    What I did was take it to my local Gunsmith and he drilled a "Divot" in the rear of the Front Sight. We then used a toothpick to put luminous paint in the divot.

    It works very well, for me. It's sort of like the old "Paint The Front Sight With WhiteOut" trick from years ago. My scores have improved and I can pick up the sight faster when action shooting.


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    First determine how much of your front sight that you want to be able to see in the rear sight. Determine what color front sight that you want, and procure a small piece or sheet of plastic that is the same width or a little wider than your front sight. Use a Dremel tool with one of the thin cutoff wheels to make wedge cuts at an angle in the sight. Then use a small 3 corner file to remove excess material in between the cuts. Try to keep the filing at a right angle to the sight. When done, cut & file a small piece of the plastic to wedge snugly in the front sight. You want a very snug fit. Remove the plastic and put a little epoxy on the sight cutout. Replace the plastic in the sight. Let glue dry. Cut or file off any excess plastic. Be very carefull doing this so that you don't ruin the gun's finish. If done properly, it will look just like a factory inlaid front sight, as on a S&W. I've done several guns in this manner over the years, and it works great. Most S&W ramps used a red inlay. I used flourescent pink. Good Luck.

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    If you want awsome sights on your pistol (rear ones) take a look at Cylinder and Slide's rugged rear sight. None better in my humble opinion.
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    I use William's fire sights on my X.D. 9mm, but they do make'em for revolver's also. has a great selection

    they have improved my shooting , considerably,

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    These are soon to be available for S&W revolvers. I don't know if something like this would work for you.

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