Ammo Explosive in Hot Car?

Ammo Explosive in Hot Car?

This is a discussion on Ammo Explosive in Hot Car? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This may sound like a silly question, but what are the odds of ammo going off if left in a hot car on a very ...

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Thread: Ammo Explosive in Hot Car?

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    Ammo Explosive in Hot Car?

    This may sound like a silly question, but what are the odds of ammo going off if left in a hot car on a very hot summer day? The reason I ask is because I may permanently begin keeping a gun in my car at all times.

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    It will not go off. However, you should rotate it on a regular and short term basis. The extreme temperature chages can cause condesate in the case and render the powder less effective to useless over time.
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    It will not go off unless the car is on fire.

    But it could shorten the storage life of the ammo
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    I have had ammo of some type in my car for years no unwanted holes yet.

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    I've heard this question debunked before, I forget where but it was soundly proven false.

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    The average small arms cartridge will "cook off" at high 200 to low 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Water boils at 212 degrees.
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    The only round you have to worry about in a fire is the one in the chamber. When rounds cook off from a fire, the powder burns as normal but as the bullet leaves the brass the gas from the burn is released and the bullet does not go anywhere, most are found still touching the brass. The guys that do "the box of truth" shot a loaded clip to see the affect and had a nice momentary fire in the clip and the rounds that had cooked off from the shot, did not leave the clip. Bullets need a chamber and a barrel to begin moving fast. So if you decide to leave a gun in the car and have any doubt what so ever, just don't chamber the first round. I would not worry about it personally. There is a video somewhere that shows what ammo does when in a fire that fire departments have. I don't have a source for it, perhaps someone else does.
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    I had wondered about that myself. Kansans have only had CCH since January, but I think I'll be comfortable leaving ammo in the car during the summer, thanks to the couple of threads on here about it.
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    Just think about all the times you have been shooting and how hot the barrel gets. That chamber is incredibly hot, especially after rapid fire, but your ammo won't cook off. The only way I can think of that a gun would 'cook off' is if it was a machine gun and it was literally glowing red. Maybe then you might have to worry about a round going off by itself.

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