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This is a discussion on XD safety within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Gonna clean my XD. Let's see mag out, man why can't I rack the slide to the rear. Oh yeah......

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Thread: XD safety

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    Gonna clean my XD. Let's see mag out, man why can't I rack the slide to the rear. Oh yeah...
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    same here for me. love all the features. grip safety, trigger safety, the cocked striker indicator, and loaded chamber indicator. safe enough to be reassuring but ready to go when you are.
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    ok i thought it had a lifetime warranty. just wanted to check.
    does this cover anything that breaks, malfunctions, or just doesn't work how it should? if I've had this thing for 50 years and it has worn in places, they will fix it? (I'm slightly skeptical of warranties)

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    I have the tactical .45 and just went out and bought the 9SC.
    Finally got to shoot it yesterday. I love it and the safety features are what I'm used to from the .45XD.

    Love the high cap magazine. Just wish both mags that came with it were the high cap.

    Only thing I don't like about it is the high cap mag does not seem to be a tight fit at the butt as the low cap mag is but it doesn't seem to affect feeding it.

    Tear down is a breeze and cleaning it is enjoyable - for me anyway.

    I know this doesn't address your question but thought I would share :)
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    Actually it's lifetime, period. I had concerns about it when I bought my old XD40SC used so I spoke with SA about it. They don't care if you're the first owner or the 100th, it's covere
    Pretty sure it says original owner in my manual.

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    Hi all, first post in this forum. I own 2 XD's; a 45 service for me, and a 9mm service for my wife.

    The safety features on the XD was one of the real reason's I bought it versus a Glock. The trigger and grip safety's ad an extra measure of comfort for me in carrying a "condition-one" firearm. I really appreciate the cocked indicator and the chambered round indicator a well. Now I know, someone is going to say, "You should always know the readiness condition of your gun". I heartily agree. However when the shtf, you're in the dark, your heart is pounding and the adrenaline is coursing through your brain, it comes as a consolation to me that I can simply feel my weapon to remind me that my XD is ready to fire.

    All in all, I think the XD is a superior design for its class and price bracket.

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    welcome aboard KCXD45, you'll find it's addicting here, and your right about the features. not only that but the XD also has that feel that just says ..."hold me".
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