Best Trigger Pull Weight for Defense?

Best Trigger Pull Weight for Defense?

This is a discussion on Best Trigger Pull Weight for Defense? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I realize this is subjective, but I'm curious to hear some of your views on what you feel is *generally* the best trigger weight for ...

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Thread: Best Trigger Pull Weight for Defense?

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    Best Trigger Pull Weight for Defense?

    I realize this is subjective, but I'm curious to hear some of your views on what you feel is *generally* the best trigger weight for defensive carry.

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    My USPc in SA is a 7-8lb pull and it seems just right. I don't know how some of the guys carry with the 4lb pull as that is far to light for my hands. Even my DA pull is nothing to me.

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    4-7 pounds is about right IMO.

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    Probably what your accustomed to and practiced with.
    Instincts come into play when things go south and what your versed in would be best. IMO

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    My choice: 4-6 lbs or so, on a defensive weapon.

    Defensive weapons need to be (a) accurate, first and foremost, but they also need to (b) satisfy the lawyerly types who have implemented the laws that we must all navigate.

    Few want to be in a position of killing someone, even if that person is desperately in need of being stopped. So, I don't mind a bit stiffer trigger pull if it's going to add a little insurance against an accidental firing at that moment when I'm covering the BG to demand he stop. Yet, I refuse to accept that an ultra-stiff pull is required equipment merely to satisfy some ill-conceived legal principle, at the expense of the ability to strike the target as needed. That's suicide, plain and simple. I wouldn't do that for my own mother. I certainly won't do it for some lawyer I don't even know.

    So. For me, that means the pull should be somewhere in the 4-6lb range. I've had revolvers with > 10 lbs pull, and I've shot a DA/SA pistol with ~2.5 lbs or so. My original Browning BDM (with nearly 40K rds through it) started with a DA pull of about 9 lbs, but the SA pull was sweet at ~4.5 lbs or so. When I sold it, it had worked its way to just under 3 lbs pull, and it was perfect as a target pistol ... though it would have been tricky as a carry weapon at that point. It definitely needed the springs to be refreshed and the pull reset at 4 lbs to 4.5 lbs or so. On my daily-carry CZ P01, I purposely had my gunsmith (Matt Mink) set the DA to 7.5 lbs and the SA to 4 lbs. On a carry gun, I won't go lower than that. It's ultra-smooth and fine, which is far more important than the ultimate weight of the pull, IMO.

    YMMV, of course, as trigger pull is a matter of feel. It's highly subjective and a personal decision everyone needs to figure out. What works on my CZ P01 might seem stiff to an IPSC shooter or the guy next door, whereas that same person's tuned 1911 Colt might seem a hair-trigger accident waiting to happen, to me. Go figure.
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    It's an individual thing

    SA trigger pull 4.5 - pounds and crisply breaking feels about right for me on a carry pistol.
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    Like Goldilocks' porridge temperature...

    Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Goldilocks was testing the bears' porridge until she found one that was not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

    I think trigger pull on a defensive pistol is like that - not too light (so you don't have an accident) and not too heavy (so the pull doesn't move the gun off target), but just right.

    I personally like about 5 pounds. A typical 1911 will give you this, or a Glock with standard trigger, or a DA/SA Sig when fired SA. It seems a good compromise to me.

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    If it's a carry gun, I think liability can be an issue. I know this has been covered before, but you probably want to be able to articulate why the trigger's been modified. I'm not saying don't, just that going too low can be an issue.

    That being said, 4 lbs is "typically" the threshold. But a smooth 5-7 lb pull can feel better than a lighter pull that's mushy, creeps, gritty, etc. It is a very subjective thing.
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    Wow. I'm pretty scared of carrying a "hair trigger" around with me all the time. I'm plently accurate with a stiff trigger, and since I typically carry guns without external safeties... I definitely don't want a hair trigger. So I carry the heaviest triggers I can find, or have modified... I like a 10-12 pound trigger, personally.
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    The very first thing that made me go, "I WANT IT!" when I picked up my Kimber for the first time was the trigger pull. It was the lightest and smoothest I'd ever fired in my entire life.

    For me (and this is just for me) there is nothing better then a nice, crisp, 3-3.5 lbs trigger pull.

    One of the reasons I'll never give up my Kimber. Little did I know (until I took it to the 'smith) that my trigger pull has been modified by a previous owner. After shooting more than a 1,000 rounds through the thing everything else feels heavy.

    I know they say that a modified trigger can be a liability if you ever need to use your gun, but I bought the gun that way and didn't know it for a year and a half, other than the fact the every other trigger pull just didn't feel as nice and crisp and light as my own.

    I've been spoiled.

    Maybe it's because the first gun I ever shot was a 1911, but I despise long trigger pulls. I can be accurate with them, but when I squeeze that trigger I want my gun to go off NOW! There's no hesitation. I never put my finger on the trigger unless I'm ready to shoot and so when my finger touches that trigger it's time to fire and I don't want to have a lot of effort to do it either.

    A very light squeeze and I'm off to the races.

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    If you have a 1911, I would be 4 to 41/4 pounds. My Les Bears are that, but that's a single action. Now on a double action I'am not sure what it should be and still be safe.

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    On a carry piece? 4.5-6.5lbs. for me.
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    Trigger pull is as subjective as what color car you like.

    For me, I have no problem with the trigger pull on my Taurus. The DA pull is heavy and long (maybe 8 or 9 pounds).

    Nor is the 4.5lb pull on my 1911.
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    I've shot some nice 12 lb. revolver triggers that were smooth as can be and some awful 7-8 lb. triggers. I like Glock's standard 5.5 lbs., it's what I'm used to. I prefer 1911 triggers around 3.5-4 lb., just because.

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    I'd say 4.5 up to whatever you can shoot accurately. There are obvious safety concerns below that, especially with how close CC pieces are carried to the body.
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