A couple weeks ago I made the change and bought myself a Springfield XD Compact 45 ACP. I was looking for something a little smaller, lighter and different to carry everyday and the XD fit the bill. The compact frame makes it easy to conceal with the 10 rnd mag and I like having 13 rnd mags as extras. I have to say that I've taken a lot of hits for this since all my other carry guns have been 1911's. I'm a big 1911 fan and I still have one but I really liked the way this XD felt in my hands and have heard and read nothing but good things about them so I broke down and bought one.

I was a little concerned at first that the compact frame would be to small but that quickly changed after the first trip to the range. I took a varity of ammo (all 230 gr) with me to the range to include reloads and everything I fed the XD it ate. Ammo taken was Winchester white box FMJ, Remington FMJ and JHP, CCI Blazer FMJ, Federal Hydro Shocks and reloads that were FMJ. Every round fed to the XD was eaten and spit out with no failures what so ever. The recoil was not bad at all very controlable and double taps were no problem plus it's accurate. The biggest group fired was about 2" and all shooting that day was at 15yds. I have to say that I am very impressed with my new XD and I think I made a good choice in my new carry gun.

The gear that comes with the XD's are ok, the holster is not the greatest and has been replaced with a Blackhawk CQC Serpa, the mag carrier fairs a little better then the holster but it too is getting replaced with Blackhawk gear when available. The mag loader is the best piece of gear that comes with the XD especially with the 13 round mags, loading was made much eaiser plus it's a great thumb saver.

Ok enough talk, onto a couple pics.