Another range report - Kahr PM9 and more

Another range report - Kahr PM9 and more

This is a discussion on Another range report - Kahr PM9 and more within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Took the wife out to the range yesterday afternoon so she could try out her new Beretta 86 and I could run some more ammo ...

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Thread: Another range report - Kahr PM9 and more

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    Another range report - Kahr PM9 and more

    Took the wife out to the range yesterday afternoon so she could try out her new Beretta 86 and I could run some more ammo through my Kahr PM9. We didn’t get a lot of shooting done before the rain moved in on us again, but did enough to come away with favorable reviews of both firearms.

    Kahr PM9 – Fired another 100 rounds through it consisting of a mixed bag of CCI Blazer (aluminum case), MagTech, and WWB. Again, the gun was flawless. No FTF, no FTE, no problems what-so-ever. The only “problem” was with the new ProMag 7 round magazine. While the magazine fed perfectly, it will not hold the slide open after the last round. When you compare the cost of $17.99 for the ProMag to $40.00 for a factory Kahr, I guess I can live with that one imperfection as long as it continues to feed reliably. I should also add that this is the ONLY ProMag magazine that I’ve ever had a problem with and I have one or more of them for almost every semi-auto I own. I now have 175 rounds through this pistol without a single malfunction and feel perfectly comfortable carrying it as my EDC. I like this little gun more each day. The only thing I have to work on with it is trigger pull. While there is nothing wrong with the trigger pull, it is definitely unique in comparison to any other handgun I’ve ever fired. The trigger pull is actually very nice for a DAO handgun, but it does take a little getting used to. Granted, I don’t have a high volume of rounds fired through this gun to this point, but so far I can find no negatives to this firearm and a long list of positives.

    Beretta 86 – I just purchased this for my wife. She doesn’t care for revolvers but she had a hard time racking the slide on an auto. I had purchased a Beretta 85 for her and while she really liked that gun, she still had problems racking the slide. I had been on the lookout for a used 86 for her and finally found a dealer on GunBroker who had 4 new ones for sale. This was the first range trip for it and it performed as every other Beretta I’ve ever owned has – perfectly. The tip-up barrel makes it extremely easy for her to load and fire. We ran some CCI Blazer (aluminum case), MagTech and Remington Golden Sabers through it without any malfunctions. She really enjoyed shooting this pistol and I think she’ll be happy with it for a long time. Accuracy was excellent, which has also been my experience with the Berettas I have owned. Doing slow fire at 10 yards, I was able to keep all 9 rounds in a 1.5” group. This was with an unsupported, two hand hold. If there is any drawback to this pistol, it is its lack of an extractor. This means that SHOULD there be an ammo malfunction, it would necessitate tipping the barrel up to clear the unfired round. However, given her trouble with racking the slide, this would probably be just as fast (or faster) than her trying to clear a jam from a pistol with a conventional extractor.

    Kel-Tec P3AT – This was purchased for the wife for a “minimal clothing” carry piece. Though I fired this gun on my last range trip, this was the first time the wife fired it. Though she had to make a couple of tries at it, she did manage to get the slide racked without creating a jam. She fired 4 magazines of ammo through it and, again, it functioned perfectly. I was a little concerned about the recoil as she’s a little recoil sensitive, but she said it wasn’t bad at all. Between both of us, we fired about 50 more rounds out of the Kel-Tec with no problems at all. I’m still amazed at the accuracy of this little critter, given that it has virtually no sights at all. Slow fire, two hand hold, unsupported, I was again able to hold 6 rounds into about 3” at 10 yards. I guess it’s a keeper.

    Sig P-245 – I only managed to get about 30 rounds out of this one before the rain started in hard enough to force us to quit. I’m a big Sig fan and this pistol has done nothing to change my opinion of them. Hope to get a lot more rounds out of it on the next trip.

    Well, that’s about it for this time. Now if I can just get the rain to stop.

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    Great report . I dont know if this will work but since you have the mags , do me a favor and try swapping the mag follower from a factory kahr mag with the aftermarket , and let us know if it functions properly ( or even fits ) . This might well be a way to get properly functioning mags cheap . I am not hurting for mags right now ( having 7 factory kahrs ) but when i need to replace options might be nice .
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