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This is a discussion on Compact .45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think it depends on priorities. The Glock 30 (& the lighter, thinner G-36), Springfield XD45c, & even the S&W, are larger guns. The XD45c, ...

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  • Glock 30

    37 19.47%
  • XD45

    61 32.11%
  • Taurus PT145

    24 12.63%
  • other

    68 35.79%
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Thread: Compact .45

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    I think it depends on priorities. The Glock 30 (& the lighter, thinner G-36), Springfield XD45c, & even the S&W, are larger guns.

    The XD45c, Glock 30 & 36, & S&W's are really compacts compared to the Taurus & Kahr. The Taurus Mil Pro PT145 & the new Kahr PM45 are sub-compacts compared to the rest.

    Sprinfield Armory XD45c: 7.25" long, 1.25" wide, & 29.25 oz.
    Glock 30: 6.77" long, 1.27" wide, & 23.99 oz.
    Glock 36: 6.77" long, 1.13" wide, & 20.11 oz.
    Taurus MilPro PT145: 6.125" long, 1.25" wide, & 22.2 oz.
    Kahr PM45: 5.67" long, 1.01" wide, & 17.3 oz.

    As far as personal experience, I have a Kahr PM9, Taurus MilPro PT145, & a Glock 36. All have been reliable. During break-in, I had a couple problems with the G-36 & PT145, but that was because of ammo issues. My Dept. gives me ammo for both practice & carry. Sometimes the practice ammo is old or of inferior quality, because of cost cutting. Thankfully, they don't skimp on duty ammo.

    I use the PM9 more, but if I feel I need a .45, I carry the PT145. The PT145 is shorter than my old G-26, slightly wider & heavier, but it also holds 11 rounds of .45 compared to the 26's 11 rounds of 9mm.

    The PM45 may have some teething problems, but like their PM9 & other models when new, they'll figure it out.

    When the PM45 proves itself reliable, I think your two top choices for a "sub-compact" .45 will be between the PM45 & MilPro PT145. The PM45 is the lightest, shortest, & thinnest, but holds 6 rounds total. The PT145 is less than .5" longer, nearly .25" thicker, & nearly 5 oz. heavier, but holds 11 rounds total.
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    Not A Total Glock Fan...

    I usually EDC a Kimber Ultra, but I do like and also carry the Glock-36...smaller grip...


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    Despite my particular Kahr P45 having some teething problems, I understand recent guns are a-ok.....I have no doubt that my Kahr will be as good as those.

    I've heard great things about the Bersa Ultrawhatever .45's.

    I have a Beretta Mini-Cougar 8045D; outstanding gun, as is my (oldie-but-still-an-oh-so-goodie) Star PD.
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    I voted for the G30. I have one that Glock sent me when I was having problems with my G36. I would rather have had the 36 because it was pretty slim. But the 30 is still a great gun, with good capacity. I'll carry it again in the cooler months.

    It usually rides in a bianchi pancake with a 13 round G21 mag on the weak side.
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    I am looking at ordering the XD45 Compact in the near future. I shot a friends XD45 service and was very impressed. With the compact you get the best of both worlds. A shorter frame for carry or the longer if you prefer it. And this comes from a Glock junkie
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    I vote for the G30, although I love my HK USP Compact!
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    I do not like Taurus , as I had a incident with my PT140. I hear kahr has some problems from internet reading and gun shops. The choice is ultimately yours, and what you like /dislike and wish to pay for a pistol.
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    I cast my vote for "Other".

    Detonics CombatMaster is my other. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by raevan View Post
    I have no Idea what one cost now, but I have been very Happy with my Cold Defender. But then I am a 1911 type person. Needless to say I checked other.
    same here.. I can only comment on what I have.
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    Other, as well....

    Colt 1991a1. 3.5" bbl, 6+1 of .45. $550 from my local FFL.

    Best feeling gun I've ever had in my hand.
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    The best bang for the buck concept is not the best solution. All the guns in this poll plus many more will work for you. Get out and figure what works best for you. Money should not be an issue. I have guns by Springfield, Glock, Sig Sauer, and S&W and all feel a little different but I can shoot them all well. I would be hard pressed to say which is best. The main concern is that all of these weapons would serve me well if I neded to defend my life or the life of others.

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    Kahr P45 short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    I voted XD45 even though I own a Glock 30 that has never stuttered. I just think the XD45 is a great pistol. Regards, Richard

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    Cool Detonics Combat Master

    OTHER - The Combat Master looks good in the line up:

    And is accurate:

    Semper Fi

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    Gotta go with the G30. I like the XD's all except the "return to factory" issue if/when something breaks. I like the ability to do it myself. I don't think you can go wrong with either of these.

    I have a PT140 (have shot the PT145), I like it, and I think it's good for the money, but I don't think it is in the same league as the Glock or XD's. This is just my personal preference.

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