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New Pocket Pistol = P3AT

This is a discussion on New Pocket Pistol = P3AT within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yup...One followed me home this week. Still gotta get to the range... I wanted it because of last week's suit experience... I was wearing a ...

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Thread: New Pocket Pistol = P3AT

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    Yup...One followed me home this week. Still gotta get to the range...

    I wanted it because of last week's suit experience... I was wearing a suit, but was in a situation where everyone was doffing jackets...and they all know that I'm warm natured... : (

    This little fella just melts away in a Galco pocket holster...

    XD9 Service, CZ-75B, Glock 21, Kel-Tec P3AT
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    I paid $290 online from a dealer up north for a second generation hard chromed version.

    I use the DeSantis E-Z Rider: for on hip carry because it looks like an I-Pod case or something like that, also carries an extra magazine.

    Unless I am wearing slacks, I usually can't carry my P3AT in my front pants pocket cause the pants are too tight. For those occassions when I can carry that way, I use the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster:

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    I've had mine for about 3 years or so.

    I had to spend almost a week in the hospital last year. I kept the PT380 stuffed near the bottom of my box of Puffs the whole while. In my state you can carry in a hospital. I don't believe in 'gun free zones' in which I could end up a sitting duck.

    A few times the nurses picked up the box of Puffs and never felt the slight extra weight inside the middle of the napkins.

    It's a great little gun for certain purposes.

    - samb -

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    I've got 2-1/2 1G P3AT's and a rare 32NAA conversion, that is carried daily as a BUG or a primary at work. Both have been flawless, one has 1200+ rnds with only the recoil springs replaced (for free) as a precaution. I have had a few mags cracked, but they were replaced (for free).
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    Just bought one today and paid $259.00 for non chrome. Put 50 rounds through it and it performed great with magtech ball ammo. It's really for my wife to use as a jogging/summer carry gun, but I could not resist putting some rounds through it. This light, little gun surprised me with it's accuracy once I got the trigger under control.
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    Just bought one, been carrying it all day in a Fobus ankle holster, and in the evenings in a DeSantis nemesis pocket holster (with a custom leather one from KD Holsters on order). Amazingly concealable, I am used to ankle carry, but I go all day without it bothering me, or me even noticing it is there. Its so light, it doesn't have enough inertia to be thrown around on my ankle.

    Mines in my profile pic...couldn't help it, had to get the OD green version! ;D

    Its a fantastic "anywhere" gun. Not what I would pick going into a rough area or when on heightened alert, but a good gun for when you really don't expect you'll need it. Better to have one of these, than nothing!

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