Para vs Kimber

Para vs Kimber

This is a discussion on Para vs Kimber within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi guys, thinking of either Para hawg 9 or Kimber aegis 9. I know Kimber is abosulte better quality but the price difference is about ...

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Thread: Para vs Kimber

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    Para vs Kimber

    Hi guys,
    thinking of either Para hawg 9 or Kimber aegis 9.
    I know Kimber is abosulte better quality but the
    price difference is about $500 to $700 higher and
    only comes in single stack!
    The Para hawg 9 has the double stack which I like.
    I have a Para P13 .45 since 95' with no problems and
    recently had it completely re-done and it works great!
    My XD9 sub compact is still too big and heavy to carry
    consistently. If I had to I could put another $300 to $400
    into the Para hawg for performance but do I really need to?
    Plus I will still have the doulbe stack capacity.
    Any comments on both?

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    Cool Welcome from southern Louisiana!

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    Kimber makes a double stack, I personally dont think it looks very good though...

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    Welcome roninn.

    If you liked your old Para so much, why not just buy the Hawg 9 & just be done with it? Or, try to shoot the others you're thinking about, of course, but sometimes that's just not possible.

    Good luck.
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    Sounds like you already have your answer & made your decision. If you like your PARA, why change to another brand you are unsure of and at a higher price tag, too ??

    Were it me, I go with what I know and like already, PARA. But, if at all possible TRY before you buy. Find a dealer that has both so you can at the very least hold and handle them side by side. Just my 2 cents.

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    Para makes some excellent firearms and I took a very close look at the Warthog and Slim Hawg before settling on a Kimber Ultra CDP II as a carry piece. For me, the biggest difference was how it fit my hand in a full grip. The Kimber single stack suited me much better. I wouldn't be at all concerned about Para's quality. If it suits you, go Para. While you're at it, check out the Springfield Armory EMP, another really good option in a 9mm 1911.

    Need I mention that you can also get a 1911 in .45 ACP?
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockedlocked01 View Post
    If you liked your old Para so much, why not just buy the Hawg 9 & just be done with it?
    Absolutely ! thats the way to go. I have a para 12.45 LDA and the hawg would be my first choice since I know my para.
    Now why would you put $200-$300 into a new para for reliability ?
    If you have any issues, they will be small ones...
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    Kimber: 1 year warranty, mags use spacers in them to keep the rounds in place for proper feeding. Double stacks in polymer only.

    Para: Limited LIFETIME warranty, mags made for 9mm, no spacer.
    aluminium frame (IIRC)

    Go Para, just get the Parakote stripped annd the gun refinished. That's one thing Kimber has over Para in my book is a better lasting finish.

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    If I were to recommend one of the two you are asking about, it would be the Para. I have a full size Kimber and a Para NiteHawg. They are both quality firearms. In your case, I couldn’t justify the extra expense for the Kimber. However, based on your statement about your SA XD9 SC being too large and heavy, I’m not sure you’re going to be satisfied with either of your choices. I put together a little comparison chart for you with the two new guns you are looking at and your SA XD. I also threw in a Kahr PM9 as your statement about the XD makes me think you may be looking for something more in that size range. As you can see in the chart below, both the Kimber and the Para are longer than your XD. The Kimber is only 1oz. lighter and the Para is only 2oz. lighter. The Kimber is the same height as your XD and the XD is only ¼ inch taller than the Para. If you feel that your XD is “still too big and heavy to carry consistently”, I’m not sure the small differences in the two you’re looking at will make you happy. That’s why I threw in the info about the Kahr. It is .95” smaller in length than the XD; .75” less height than the XD and 10.1 oz. less than the XD. It’s disadvantage is that it only carries 6 rounds in the magazine (7 using the extended mag.) instead of the 10 in the XD but that may be the concession you have to make if you don’t feel comfortable carrying a XD size firearm all day. I would definitely try and get the Kimber, a Para and your XD all on the same counter and compare them at the same time. I think you’ll find that the noticeable difference is negligible. You might also want to look at the specs for a Taurus Millennium Pro PT111 (10 rounds, 18.7 oz.) or the Kel-Tec P-11 ( 10 rounds, 14 oz.).


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    I would go with the Warthog. You are familiar with Para Ordnance products and it sounds like the Warthog fits your needs. The price is right too!

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    Fist of all, Welcome.

    As someone who has 18 1911s (so far) I am not sure that I would be so bold as to say that Kimber has the edge on quality over Para Ordnance. Both manufacturers make good products, and I have examples from both, but the one I trust my life to on a daily basis is a Para Ordnance LTC.
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    Thanks guys!! Very helpful, yea leaning more towards the Para...
    the guy at the gun store was really bashing the Para.... really trying to sell the Kimber.....the Para's more cost effective for sure plus hi-capacity as well. But that little Kimber sure is nice... if I had the luxury I'd buy both... maybe in another life...ha,
    thank you cvhoss for the chart; I was able to hold both and you're right very close specs; I have no problem with the wider grip on the Para....
    thanks again!

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    from Central Florida!

    Get the Kimber...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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