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1911 in 9mm?

This is a discussion on 1911 in 9mm? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by limatunes I vote for the EMP.. the smallest 1911 on the market and in 9mm. limatunes , this isn't a disagreement with ...

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Thread: 1911 in 9mm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I vote for the EMP.. the smallest 1911 on the market and in 9mm.
    limatunes, this isn't a disagreement with you. If I were to pick a compact 1911 in 9mm, the EMP would be it :thumbup:. The Springfield EMP is advertised as the smallest 1911 on the market. My beef is with the wording and validity of this advertising statement. The EMP may be the smallest 1911 on the market chambered in 9mm but I am not sure how it stacks up sizewise against the Kimber Aegis II and Para Ordnance Carry 9 LDA which are also offered in 9mm.

    As fas as the smallest 1911, the word "smallest" must be defined. What makes something the smallest? Do dimensions make it the smallest? If so, the EMP might not be. Harwood Loomis on M1911's Ezine measured up the Springfield EMP, Colt Defender, and Para Ordnance Slim Hawg. The table below are his findings:

    Harwood Loomis, M1911 Ezine, http://ezine.m1911.org/SAemp.htm

    Others could have been added to the list, like the Springfield Micro Compact, Detonics Combatmaster, and numberous Kimbers. According to the table, it is possible to draw "smallest" conclusions in one dimesion, but overall???

    I think the term size terms like "smallest," especially when the models are very comparable, ultimately comes down to how the guns feels in an individual's hands.

    Sorry for my rant, but I hate misleading wording and advertisements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle5 View Post

    Sorry for my rant, but I hate misleading wording and advertisements.

    LOL.. that's perfectly alright. USUALLY when I repeat what I've read about the EMP I put in the disclaimer stating, "At least THEY claim it is." I forgot to add that to my post.

    Some guys at my shop and I were discussing the very same thing. We ordered a bunch of EMPs and we were having a discussion as to whether it truly was the "smallest" 1911 on the market. If it truly is (again, depending on the definition of "smallest") well I don't think it will be long before someone else comes up with the idea to make a smaller one.

    I agree with you about not buying into the hype in the advertisements. Kimber said their external extractions were going to heighten performance. They crashed and burned on many levels. Some people didn't have problems but so many people did have problems that they changed their extractors again. Goes to show you that not everything the company says is exactly true to the letter.

    Thanks for the clarification and I like that chart. I'll use it.


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    Springfield also makes a full size 9mm 1911, which is my favorite off-the-shelf offering. You can also have Les Baer make you one, but the wait time is punitive.
    I don't care for the Kimber version, as it's fitted with a generic upper that will accommodate 40, 38 Super and 9mm, with a simple bbl swap. As such, many top-tier pistolsmiths refuse to work on them.
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    Get a springer EMP

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    Just picked up an EMP yesterday.

    Here's the results of the range session this morning.

    "Went to the range today, 300 rds later here's the report on mine.

    Rd 32 failed to feed fully, a tap on the slide sent it into battery.

    The rest before and after of the 300 rds of ball ammo worked flawlessly.

    The mags did not lock the slide back on the last rd until 3 loadings of each, then they worked as designed locking the slide on the last round.

    I shot at 10 yrds for group on the first 50 rds. Two mags inside 2" at 30 feet, most of them inside 1.4 inches. They shot to POA, not high, low or left and right.

    Fired the last 100 rapid fire, the gun worked flawlessly as well.

    Threw some Win Ranger 147 loads into two mags, they feed, extract and lock the slide back with no problems.

    I tore it down before firing the gun, dremel polished the feed ramp to mirror smooth, lubed the hell out of it with gun slick on the rails, end of barrel, locking lugs, etc. Got home and cleaned and relubed it.

    It's good to go, and I have no quams about carrying it.

    It's a keeper, runs fine and puts em where I want em."

    The mind is the limiting factor


    Quick Kill Rifle and Pistol Instructor

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    Springfield EMP great pistol.
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    Holy old thread Batman !

    But the Sig 938 would certainly lead the discussion in this decade...

    (though the Browning '1935' Hi Power is still my personal choice)
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    Wow! Talk about the mother of all zombie threads! I might as well mention that STI makes some nice 9mm 1911s. I too prefer the BHP.

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    Well, as long as we are disturbing the dead--

    Rock Island Armory makes a number of 9mm pistols, from doublestacks to compacts. I've had nothing but good luck with the 4 or so I've owned...and my current one is a 9mm (and a .22TCM ). I've seen a CCO-type--that is, officer's frame with commander-ish (4") slide--in 9mm which is an awfully nice piece.
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    Lol! I imagine there has been a couple new models here and there for the OP to check out since 2007. Problem is, he's no longer a member here so I doubt he'll find the advice helpful.

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    I like the Sig P938

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    Why are you dragging up these 6 year old threads? I noticed you did the same thing in several forums here.

    Seems like it would make more sense to start a new topic, rather than resurrecting posts that contain outdated information.
    "...people who carry a gun understand that they are arming themselves against a very unlikely event... People who arm themselves are not confused about the odds. They are concerned about the stakes. -Kathy Jackson
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