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Anyone Carry a .44 Magnum or Above?

This is a discussion on Anyone Carry a .44 Magnum or Above? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by craze I've carried my Ruger Super Redhawk .44mag with a 7.5'' barrel a couple of times just to see if it could ...

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Thread: Anyone Carry a .44 Magnum or Above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craze View Post
    I've carried my Ruger Super Redhawk .44mag with a 7.5'' barrel a couple of times just to see if it could be done. It's not all that uncomfortable at first. But I found that after an hour or two I began developing a "gangsta" limp from the 3.4lbs of steel hanging on my left side.
    Ah, so *that's* why they limp! lol...

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    If I could find a decent holster, I would not mind carrying my 2.5" Taurus Tracker .44 mag.-of course, loaded with specials, because it is brutal to shoot with magnums. It is a 5 shot snub and is not bad to shoot with specials- beats a .38 snub that is for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I only have one question: How was your quick draw?
    not to quick, but wow you should have seen the face's on my girls parents when i took my polo off at there house. there cool its their neighbors that are a pain you know the type they live in Moorisville lower buks county. also needed to wear a belt and suspenders, to keep my pants up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911shooter View Post
    also needed to wear a belt and suspenders, to keep my pants up.
    LOL.. I can certainly see why!

    Maybe it's just because of my size, but I honestly don't think I could carry anything with a longer barrel than 4" (and even that's pushing it).

    I carried a full-sized 1911 in .45 for ONE day and not only was I hiking up my pants all day because of the weight (although I'll admit I wasn't wearing the greatest of belts) but when I tried to draw it I found it very difficult to clear my holster in a reasonable time.

    I then deemed that carrying anything that big or over would be impractical if not stupid (for me).

    Now, if Open Carry were readily acceptable (not to mention readily legal) I think I would carry a 4" 1911 .45 in a drop belt holster on my strong side with a speed-draw cut away and a nice light aluminum or light alloy frame to cut down on weight. I think that's as large as I'd take it for any kind of carry.

    Bless the people who can carry hand-cannons... I'll stick with my little 3" 1911 in .40 S&W.

    Darn it, now I want to go rent all of the Dirty Harry movies.

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    I've got one of these to carry.............3 inch 629 with NO factory sights.. (it's a 629-5 carry comp gun)
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    Not very often...a six-inch Anaconda requires a serious cover garment--at least in my personal experience.

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    I have an 8" Anaconda, I have not considered for CC.

    Semper Fi

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    A .45 is bigger than a .44 right?
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    I've carried my Taurus mod.44-4" a few times. With a better belt and holster it might get carried more. Load it up with .44spcl and it shoots like a lighter weight .38spcl. The porting really tames the beast. And the .44spcl load will handle any "critters" you'd likely encounter in a urban jungle. Go with a full power mag load and take on most any unarmored vehicle you come across. Over penetration in a urban setting is my only concern using the full power loads.

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    Only once.
    While I was serving as the manager of our local "cop bar" one of my officers commented on the 1911 I carried when I did my bank drop.
    At the time our officers were issued Beretta 9mms. Luke thought my .45 was overkill. When he came in the next night I showed him my Desert Eagle .44 magnum! When he saw it he let loose a string of expletives I wont repeat here and asked what I in the world I would shoot with "that thing". Before I could answer him a voice was heard from the end of the bar saying " Anything he wants to!"

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    I carry a S&W 629 with a 2.5" barrel and fixed sights in an IWB holster every day. I also carry a J-frame in my front pocket. I switched from a 3" 629 because the adjustable rear sight blade dug into me from time to time.

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    Now, if Open Carry were readily acceptable (not to mention readily legal)
    Since you have a concealed carry license, it's perfectly legal to open carry in Philadelphia. You don't even need the license to open carry anywhere else here in PA. Now the "acceptable" part is a different story, and not as easy to answer..
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    Well if the issue is power and not inches, then yea - I used to carry a Garand IWB with a combination of a Mexican loop and an ankle holster for the muzzle. Was mighty slow to draw, but BOY did I get propositioned a lot!

    naaaaaaa ........
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    Every Day of the week a 4" Mountain Gun in 44

    But usually with .44 specials in town. Heavy stuff while iin the bush.
    Differnt hings to be aware of here though. Carry the same gun in Phoenix with .44 specials. Recently traded for a Lew Horton 624 3" .44 special- the 4" guns cant in better but it's still a neat gun to carry.
    I use use either pancake or a inwb it works just fine.


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