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Thread: Blued vs Stainless

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    Question Blued vs Stainless

    I have been searching to see if this has been covered but have been unsuccessful so far. But I am trying to figure out how much extra care a blued pistol needs compared to a stainless steel one?

    I have only owned stainless as I know the properties of it allow for a little rougher treatment than blued. I understand that blued works very well also as long as it is taken care of. I am just wondering on what that entails.

    If anyone can shed some light who has both as to any differences in cleaning and overall care for them. (looking for a EDC so want to make sure it can take a little abuse)

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Tend to prefer stainless, aluminum, polymer

    For CCW materials I prefer stainless, possibly combined with aluminum or polymer in the frame. I like stainless because it doesn't rust as easily as blued, and doesn't show wear as readily. Blued metal is very attractive, but in a gun that is holstered or next to your body, I think stainless is the more practical choice. My blued guns tend to be safe queens or range guns that are never holstered.

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    I have carried a blued gun for years and as far as extra care I might give it all I do is at night is wipe it off with a rig rag. As far as holster wear goes all holsters wear the finish on a gun some are just worse than others. Kydex holsters will even wear off todays wonder finishes. Leather will do it also just not as quickly.Personally I like the looks of a good worn finish.

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    There's something about a shootin' iron with a little saddle wear on it along side a nicely worn vintage leather holster.

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    Personally, for a carry peice I prefer stainless. As much as I sweat, I need all the help I can get, and even the stainless will rust if you let it.

    Blueing will eventually wear and show a shiny spot, stainless is the same color though and through. If you have a matt finish on a stainless gun, the wear will show up as a shiny spot but still be the same color.
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    I have a couple of "pretty" blued guns that I baby.

    All my carry guns are stainless or non-blued dark finishes.
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    Depending on the finish as well. My HK doesn't rust. Glocks are the same ,very tough coatings. now my Browning hunting guns, rust if you drink water near em.
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    I'm a retro kind of guy, but I do like polymer and stainless.
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    how about both?

    Being a machinist for several industires in the past, I have seen many parts gall-up when stainless on stainless rubs together. Usually this is because of poor maintenance. I have had a couple of stainless firearms and I always used lithium grease to get it working well.

    When I built my 1911, I used a stainless frame with Carbon steel slide and other parts that moved together. This lessens the chance of galling and seems to work very well.

    But wuith the newer metals, I think any choice is good.

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    I prefer stainless but for cosmetic purposes only. Steve48

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    I have both. I like'em both.

    If you have particularly acidic perspiration (some folks do), I'd go with the stainless. The same if you're in some super humid environment.

    Otherwise, if you clean your guns regularly, it shouldn't make any difference.

    And, yes, eventually a blued gun will start showing some holster wear but I kinda like that look too. It's, ummm ... manly.

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    IMO blued guns not only show holster wear but "handling" wear as well. Sweaty palm marks and fingerprints can easily become part of the "finish" on a blued gun if not wiped w/ a silicon cloth after handling . Go to your local gun/ pawn and look at the older used blued revolvers; if you can't handle the look , buy stainless or alloy.

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