Thinking of buying a Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP

Thinking of buying a Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP

This is a discussion on Thinking of buying a Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am eyeing the Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP, the price is $900.00. Thinking about getting it, anybody have any advice or issues with this ...

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Thread: Thinking of buying a Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP

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    Thinking of buying a Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP

    I am eyeing the Kimber Ultra II .45 ACP, the price is $900.00. Thinking about getting it, anybody have any advice or issues with this weapon for concealed carry. Currently, I carry a XD 9mm SC or my XD .45 GAP. Please advise.
    Harley 91
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    IMHO kimbers are fine guns . Now understand i dont keep up on models nor do i need to , an internal extractor kimber is likley to be more robust than an external . an aluminum framed kimber needs mags that wont scar the feedramp , They are almost all good guns , but if you get the wrong one figure on more money for mags , or more time cleaning , or both . Kimber is a great example of a 1911 , but dont forget that the 1911 platform is from literlay 1911 when machinests were cheap , and as such with the cost of todays machine time you could and should consider almost any 1911 as a " kit gun " that needes fixed . no matter the brand . Once fixed tho ( and usualy cheaply since percision of parts tolerances has kept pace with milling costs for the most part ) you cannot have a better platform to base a fighting handgun off of . For myself if i carry a full size gun its either a sig 220 or a 5" 1911 . Kimbers are fine , i just wish they made as good a 1911 as they have in the past rifle barrell .
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    PM me if you want a name of someone that can get that Ultra II to you for cheaper. I have a really good dealer in Texas for Kimbers.

    I love them and will own one one day, but I decided for something a little less pricey for my first carry. Plus I like the couple extra rounds in the XD.
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    I love my Ultra CDP II and would not hesitate to recommend it. Is that a new or used price? If new, it's an excellent price. If used, it should be nearly new, as street price new is not that much more. As Redneck Repairs said, check to see if it's got the internal or external extractor. If it's the external, I'd pass and find an example with an internal variant.

    I swear by Wilson Combat mags in both my Kimbers. Here's the Ultra with Alumagrips:

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    I have a Kimber Ultra CDP II...great won't regret it...paid $1,060 for mine NIB...

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    I love the kimber ultra so much i got 2 a 40 and 45. would not sell them.

    here is the 40

    and the 45 that is at the gunsmith getting a black finish put on it.
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    Kimber is worth the cash. First pistol I bought was a Kimber and I still get the "man I love your gun" from people. It is just a good feeling.

    Just a side note though, I would not buy it just because it is a kimber that is just a perk.

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    Kimber Ultra II . 45ACP

    I have a number of carry guns which I rotate. I seem to always want to get around to carrying the Kimber Ultra II .45ACP 3" whenever I can.

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    I traded my Ultra Carry II in due to some minor FTF issues....a friend of mine is having some major FTF issues with his Ultra CDP . I didn't feel like I should have to run 800 rounds of ammo through the pistol to "break it in", and I also felt I shouldn't have to spend some more cash on better mags. Fine workmanship and really excellent balance made me want to keep it but I didn't trust it in the end. I won't say not to go for it but I would look for a better price and take the suggestions of the gents here who seem to have figured out how to make them run.

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    I've never had a failure--although some seem to. Here's mine with back-up!
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    I carry an Ultra Carry II about 95% 0f the time and love it. The neat thing is that it fits in my right front pocket perfectly in a Sam Andrews pocket holster. Easy to draw and reholster and prints like a wallet.
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    the $900 you were quoted, is that for the base model? If so that's not a good price at all. I gave $897 out the door with the Crimson Trace grips and Meprolight night sights on mine.

    I am currently having FTF issues with mine as well.
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    really like failure problems...carry it when I can comfortably wear a cover garment....they are worth the money, and are great firearms

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    My Ultra II is my carry gun also. Works good even with the dreaded external extractor.

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