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If you could only carry ONE concealed handgun

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Thread: If you could only carry ONE concealed handgun

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    S&W 640(38 special)!
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    GOD you are sooo predictable
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    Colt defender & 2 spare mags. Would miss my 638 on "those" days.
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    My Beretta 92 Centurion with Crimson Trace Laser grips! So far, I have five 15 round mags and two ten rounders. I've been thinking of getting a couple of flush 17 rounders from MecGar. It's the same gun I used for my CCW Class range qual. 100% out of a possible 100% score!

    My second choice will be my Colt 1911 Govt MKIV series 70 also with CTC laser grips!

    My 3rd choice will be my Glock 27.........
    My 4th is my PT145Pro........
    My 5th choice is PT140 MilPro.........
    My 6th choice is PT111 MilPro........
    My 7th choice is .............hmmm
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    My Wilson CQB full size with 4 extra mags meets all the 10rd states and is one heck of a weapon
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    FN FNP9, perhaps the M model

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    I guess if only have one, it would have to be Walther P99c 9MM
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    If I had to make a choice, then it would be my Sig P229, with the .357Sig barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martini13 View Post
    I guess if only have one, it would have to be Walther P99c 9MM
    +1 on the Walther P99c.
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    I am really enjoying seeing the diversity of weapons people have chosen!!

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    Glock 26 or HK USPc .45

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    HK USPc .40 S&W

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    One, and only one, permanently, stuck with that choice for the rest of my life?

    M1 Abrams.

    I'm concealed when I'm in it.
    ~Mike F.
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    I'm getting pretty good with my Glock 27... and it's easy to conceal.
    Gun Control means never having to say "I missed you."

    - Glock 27 (.40)
    - Kel-Tec p3at (.380)
    - Beretta 96FS (.40)
    - Smith & Wesson 5906 (9mm)

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    The devil's advocate....

    So you know this is all purely in fun to make a slightly elaborated point. So take everything I say with the smile I'm intending it to be said with..

    I would love to answer this question with just one make and model of gun... but there's no real definite answer for me because the rest of the conditions vary too much.

    I don't have the luxury to choose JUST ONE.

    If size and concealability and laws DIDN'T matter, I'd carry a 4" 1911 in .45 in a speed cut, drop holster on my strong side with an extra mag pouch or two on my left.

    Now, let's say your conditions were true to the letter. My 4" 1911 is the only gun I am allowed to carry... ever.. for the rest of my life..

    This method would be great for self defense and for daily use and as my day-to-day outfits would be jeans and comfortable Ts, I see no reason as to why this would be bad. The barrel length is what I want, the caliber is what I want, the weight is right and my wardrobe and the laws are great for my needs (assuming open carry is legal in this scenario).

    Suddenly my husband wants to take me out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. I don't want to be unarmed, so what are my choices? Wear a utility belt around my evening gown so that I can strap on my 1911? Go unarmed? Dress down so that I can still carry but loose the glamor and glimmer of the night because I couldn't dress up for my husband? Purse carry?

    All less than ideal options for me.

    Because of concealability, clothing and law are not conducive to that kind of carry method anyway I have to compromise on my ideal.

    Let's go back to reality.. Laws are that I have to conceal..

    I can't open carry my 1911 in a drop holster as I would like so I have to think of other options and guns...

    Hmmm.. a 3" 1911 in an IWB holster.

    Ok.. but we come back to the dinner scenario. What am I to do with my gun when dressed for a dinner or for a dressy day at work? What if I'm going to a company sponsored dinner, or giving a presentation that requires a little bit more of a polished finish. I still don't want to be unarmed.

    My options are still poor and this is the only gun I can carry.. ever.. for the rest of my life.

    A 3" 1911 won't work well in a dress or on a snappy business suit.

    So I have to compromise further.

    Well, my Bersa Thunder in .380. Good accuracy, decent caliber, but a longer barrel even then the 3" 1911... No good. Printing is horrible in nicer attire and I still can't carry in a dress..

    Now I'm getting into dangerously uncomfortable territory. I want that larger caliber and longer barrel for accuracy and stopping power but I don't want to have to leave my ONE AND ONLY gun at home just because of my circumstances.

    Sure I could change my entire life and decide to never again dress like a lady to wow my husband or don a suit that flatters me and makes me look professional and influential and wear clothing that is strictly conducive to my carry life, but I would hate being so limited in my abilities to be the woman I love being.

    So, I compromise further and go with a smaller gun..

    My Mustang.. GREAT! A gun I can carry in a thigh holster. A tiny .380 that can stay on my body and be concealed in a suit. PERFECT for those days I want to be the woman I want to be...

    But, then I get into a situation where I'm forced to go into a bad section of town. Because this is my only carry piece for the rest of my life.. ever, I'm stuck with a .380 and a short barrel and low capacity because I wanted to have the option to carry whenever, even when dressing up.

    Out of the woodwork comes three guys who mean nothing but trouble for me.. Now I'm kicking myself for trading firepower for the ability to carry in a dress. I may get the upper hand with my little shooter, I may not. One things for sure, I don't feel as confident about my chances with the little gun as I would with that 4" or even 3" 1911.

    So.. to my not so subtle point....

    Men, I believe, have a better opportunity to pick a gun and always stick with that one gun. Their wardrobe doesn't change and even in a suit or on those dressy occasions when even a tuxedo would be in order they may still be able to conceal their ideal weapon of choice.

    Women don't have such an option. There are going to be days when a tiny gun will work just fine, but there are going to be days when a larger gun is in order. Even still there are going to be women, like me, who would very much LOVE to have their ideal carry piece but it's simply impossible because of clothing, concealability, body frame and size and carry options.

    I'll probably never be able to effectively conceal carry a 4" 1911 like I would like, and if I ever find an outfit I can conceal it in I will probably have to change my weapon of choice very soon for something a little more concealable and comfortable due to a situation I'm about to be in.

    Sometimes you need more than one gun. Especially if skirts, dresses and lace are anywhere in your wardrobe.

    Some days it's ideal to carry that fabulous 1911 that will put a hole the size of my thumb in any threat while you're grocery shopping and running errands. Some days it's just perfect to carry that little gun that can concealed in your little-black-dress when you are out to dinner with the love of your life and working on seducing him all over again. Some days it's just right to carry that medium gun that can still be concealed in a business suit and still leave you feeling confident and comfortable in front of 100 people while you debut a new database.

    Sometimes you NEED more than just one, no-matter-what, for-the-rest-of-your-life gun.

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