Well after as many screw-ups as possible happened, I made it to Outfitters Day. The Benchrest Club of St. Louis has an A #1 range, It's in the boonies but wow! Lots of guns, including class 3, to try but had to pay for ammo . $2 for 5 shots of 9 and .40, $5 for 50 cal (rifle or handgun), can't remember .45. Air rifle free . Would not have been a big problem, but did not take plastic. Had to survive on $10 cash .

Tried the Kahr P9 and PM9. Liked them both, thin small and not a handful to shoot. Kahr also had there new PM45 (not sure if prerelease or preproduction model. Not much larger than the PM9, slightly thicker, but very smooth. You big bore guys will love it.
The Smith rep told me the first 1000 PPS will hit market next month in a special "collector" edition ($$$). The regular guns should be out in Aug or Oct. He said its a push at the Kahr, Keltec, mousegun market. Said specs will be smaller then Kahr PM9 and still be 6+1 w/ the low pro magazine. MSRP to be in the high 4s or low 5s. Smith also had several Performance Center revolvers including the .460XVR and .500 4" revolver to try. Standing 20' away from the shooter of the .500 I still could feel the shockwave of the round. Not for the faint of heart (or hand). It was louder than the .50 cal rifle.
Free hats and T-shirts were had by all .