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Thread: Fullsize carry

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    Bigger is always better, but not always possible in the real world.
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    I can not shoot a small pistol to save my life (literally) But give me a full size and I am good to go.

    Still looking into better holsters for my EDC but as stated by others I do beleive that the Belt plays just as much of a factor as a good holster. Best holster in the world wont work nearly as well if your belt is an extension cord.

    IWB seems to work well for me, keeps my CZ nice and tight against the body. But use what works best for you.

    Another option you may wish to consider is the XD line, their 9mm compact I beleive is a full size with a smaller grip, even comes with an extra mag that turns it into a standard full size.

    May help extend your options depending on weather, and all that other fun stuff.
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    My $0.02 ...

    Quote Originally Posted by ppcpilot View Post
    Would you as a 'low risk' civvy carry a full size 'service' type weapon over a small pistol?
    The moment you need it, the smallest weapon may or may not be best. The best weapon will work best. What's that, for you? Dunno. Within your parameters for carry, usage, storage, price, function, you'll find your sweet spot.

    For me: I want perfect, non-negotiable reliability, always. I want good concealability. I want decent heft sufficient to be able to control rapid strings when needed, at varying distances out to ~15-18yds or so, yet have the inherent accuracy to support decent 50yd aimed shots. Price no object. Turns out that the CZ P01 9mm semi-auto pistol is that, for ~$450 NIB, 14+1 capacity, forged aluminum frame, 28oz, big controls that work even with gloved hands (in winter).

    Especially if you can't carry at work?
    If you're not carrying there, then that's irrelevant. Select based on when/where you will carry it.

    I'm thinking the benefits of a larger weapon for self defense would be better than those of a smaller one...
    The main benefit of a smaller weapon is that it can always, always be there, whereas you might find reasons to a larger weapon behind. Can't use what you don't have on ya. And that's not a trivial point.

    ... would the 'inconvenience' of a full size piece not be a big deal due to the small amount of carrying being done?
    I carried a full-sized Browning BDM 9mm semi-auto for some years. Being thin and light enough, it concealed well despite the ~5" bbl.

    ... would a full size be a drag in 90+ heat?
    If you've never done it, it might well turn out to seem that way, yes. Depends on you and how committed to not minding the presence of a firearm on your hip. A quality (and I do mean quality) holster and belt make all the difference, here. Select your clothing, holster, belt and firearm with the carry problem in mind, and you'll have a good chance of picking a combination that works well.

    I know some say to carry 24/7, but that's not going to happen in my house...we keep it locked at all times ...
    It can't help you there. And a shotgun is "over there," with an inherent delay factor while you're running to get the darned thing. OTOH, handgun can be on you, with you, ready to roll if needed. With certain crimes where surprise is an element, that can mean the difference between life and death. Literally. Think hard about this.

    But I do take trips around town and on the weekends for no more than maybe 3-4 hours at a time.
    Crime has become an anytime, anywhere type of deal. You don't know when it will occur. It might happen on your trip to/from wherever, or during that 4hr timespan, or at your work. You never know. It's not up to you. About all that is up to you is whether you'll be able to respond and resist an attack.

    If this were to be your carry behavior, would you go to something like ...
    I've gone with a smaller, reliable, go-everywhere gun. Technically, it's the backup, but then it's always carried. It's a KelTec P3AT 380ACP. I'm also testing a Kahr PM9 9mm. The primary is a CZ P01 9mm, which is about the same size as a Glock 19, though a bit wider. A smaller variant (more or less) is the CZ 2075 RAMI, which is about the same size as a Springfield Micro Compact 1911 or Springfield EMP.

    Hearing what you've said, I'd suggest trying on several holstered pistols worn with an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster. You can get a generic IWB holster for small 1911 guns in many gun shops. Look for Galco, which pre-makes numerous holsters and stores stock them. Otherwise, consider Fist or another custom maker, but be prepared to wait 6wks minimum for a decent maker. (Fist has about the fastest turnaround I know of, at 5-6wks or so.) Given what you've said, given the realities of such swapping on and off, I'd suggest a dual-gun approach as well. A reliable, small, go-everywhere piece would serve you well, as it would always be there. A decent mid- to small-sized weapon held IWB would also serve well. That could be a 3" to 4" 1911 .45ACP, a smaller Glock, the Taurus Millennium units, a smaller CZ like the P01 or 2075 RAMI, one of several Kahr models, or countless others. Whatever you get, please strongly consider a good solid action/trigger job, throated chamber, polished, etc. It can dramatically affect reliability.
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    I never found carrying a full size gun to be anything but a pain.....I carry a j frame in my pocket....Mostly it was a pants falling down issue(I'm a fat guy)But all you guys got me thinking about a full size gun....so this weekend I am going to try and carry either my Glock17 or my PT945...I will be wearing suspenders however....I'll let you know how I make out......
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    I never found carrying a full size gun to be anything but a pain.....I carry a j frame in my pocket....Mostly it was a pants falling down issue(I'm a fat guy)But all you guys got me thinking about a full size gun....so this weekend I am going to try and carry either my Glock17 or my PT945...I will be wearing suspenders however....I'll let you know how I make out......
    Hey Tony! I'm a FAT GUY too! I wear suspenders EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! I wear the Uncle Mike's duty suspenders on my duty rig and a pair of the Perry suspenders while off duty.

    The way i see it, there are TWO kinds of fat boys out there...ones that WEAR suspenders and ones that SHOULD WEAR suspenders!

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    I can conceal full-size 1911 easily but over the years slowly gravitated to a Glock 23 because it felt slighly more comfortable then the 1911. What is most important to me is caliber over barrel length coupled with ability to hand the pistol.
    Stay Safe,

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    I carry a "full size" N-Frame Revolver with a 4" Barrel daily.

    I have in the past carried a Glock 19 or a Gov't Model 1911 as well. In a self defense scenario there is no such thing as too large of a gun, or too much ammo. You will be wishing for more ammo and a bigger gun, if you are packing a small one.

    I also back up my N-Frame with a J-Frame "Snubbie" and don't find carrying two guns to be a problem when off duty, or packing under my CCW when I opt to go that route. I pick and choose what laws I am carrying under depending upon where I'm going or what I'm carrying.

    I find the 4" Barrel to be great for concealed carry because the Barrel is hidden when using an Inside The Waistband Holster and also provides some "stability" to the whole "CCW Package".


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    Alrighty...I think it's going to come down to between a CZ RAMI and an XD-SC...we'll see.

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    I routinely carried a Glock 22 IWB for a while then switched to a Beretta PX4 that I carried OWB and IWB and never had a problem in all seasons.

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    If you like full size 9mm. I love my Ruger P89 and P95 and also have a P90 .45 acp

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    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II, .45 ACP 1911, about 95% of the time in a Sam Andrews www.andrewsleather.com pocket holster , the other 5% gets a Bobtailed lightweight Commander in a Gary Brommeland www.brommelandgunleather.com IWB holster.
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    Just about the only time I don't carry my G19 IWB is when I play golf. Even then, it is close, and I have my 3AT in my pocket.
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    my favorites are xd .40 ported,xd .45, para p-14/45

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    I've carried 3 pistols concealed consistantly over the last 16 years. I started off carrying a Berreta 92F "centurion", and then moved to to a Glock 17 and am currently carrying a Glock 30.

    I like larger guns, that fill my hand and give me some substantial weight to help reduce recoil and add to controllability. They are a little harder to hide but I'm able to carry them comfortably for extended periods of time.

    It all depends on what your comfortable with.
    We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.
    George Orwell

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