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Fullsize carry

This is a discussion on Fullsize carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Would you as a 'low risk' civvy carry a full size 'service' type weapon over a small pistol? Especially if you can't carry at work? ...

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Thread: Fullsize carry

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    Fullsize carry

    Would you as a 'low risk' civvy carry a full size 'service' type weapon over a small pistol? Especially if you can't carry at work? I'm thinking the benefits of a larger weapon for self defense would be better than those of a smaller one...and since my carry would be pretty much delegated to weekends and night trips during the week, would the 'inconvenience' of a full size piece not be a big deal due to the small amount of carrying being done? Summer time is also a question I would have..I wear either polo - type shorts or denim shorts..would a full size be a drag in 90+ heat? What if it's not an all day carrying?

    I know some say to carry 24/7, but that's not going to happen in my house...we keep it locked at all times, and if someone were to try and enter, the shotty would come out. But I do take trips around town and on the weekends for no more than maybe 3-4 hours at a time.

    If this were to be your carry behavior, would you go to something like a BHP, Glock 19, CZ, (trying to stay 9mm or .40) or would you go subcompact like 642, ppk, glock26, Keltec, etc...

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    i what i'm wearing will conceal a full-size pistol, then i carry a full-size pistol. if what i'm wearing will not conceal a full-size pistol, then i have a couple of smaller guns to choose from.

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    Certainly a larger handgun is easier to shoot, handles recoil better, and generally gives you more rounds on tap than a smaller one. Assuming that you can comfortably carry and conceal it all day, the larger gun is an attractive option.

    In your examples of larger guns I see that you mentioned the Glock 19. I have one, as well as the almost identical Glock 23, and I consider these to be compact, as opposed to full size. These guns weigh about 23 ounces empty and are fairly slim and short in the grip, compared to their larger brothers the G17 and G22. I would consider the G19 to be pretty reasonable to conceal and not a stretch by any means.

    If you want to talk about full size, at least in Glocks, I would consider the .45 caliber G21 to be big, and some trouble to conceal without printing.

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    I wore khaki shorts, sandals, and a polo shirt all day today. I was carrying my XD-40 service OWB, as always, and my P3AT in the pocket. It was quite comfortable, even being about 85 today.

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    I sometimes carry a full size Springfield 1911 A1 but with shorts that is difficult. It is very heavy and puts quite a drag on my pants. I feel like I am constantly hitching them up like the gang-bangers with droopy pants. I'm not saying you can't do it but I prefer a smaller sub-compact for most carry situations. I do carry 24/7 by the way and would encourage everyone with a permit to do the same.

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    Never underestimate the concealability of a quality holster.

    I routinely carry a full-size 1911 in a Mitch Rosen belt scabbard.

    And it's concealed....when worn on a belt threaded through the loops of a pair of jean shorts....and covered by a TANK TOP.

    Honestly, though, I'll be thrilled when my pocket holster for the Kahr PM40 arrives, because that 1911 is pretty heavy.

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    I started out carrying my Beretta 96, but I've trained heavily with my Glock 27 and that's now my normal carry gun. It is all-weather appropriate and has all the punch of a full size. The key is to practice with whatever you carry. I also usually carry my P3AT with me either in my briefcase or in my front pocket.
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    Yep! That first line of your's is me...I typically carry either a 4" kimber or a 5" colt (both 1911's) in an IWB holster. A good holster shouldn't give you too many issues concealing.

    -forgot about that at work part...Yes it's against corp regs here...but my life is more important than my job so I'll leave it at that.
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    I carry either a S&W 642 in a Mika pocket holster, or a Walther P99c in 9mm, depending upon what I am wearing and my perceived element of risk where I am going. Both conceal well, although the 642 is a bit lighter and somewhat less bulky.
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    I carried a G22 for 6 years, very doable with a little planning. I carried a G27 for 10 years after that. Very easy anytime or season. Currently a G19. It's just about as easy as the 27. A couple of good holsters and the right cover and they disappear. High 80's today, used a Bladetech IWB under a light button down shirt. Still need a better IWB though. At work is another story, it's not allowed and it's pocket or ankle carry time....not with the Glock either.

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    I have over the years carryed everything from N framed s&w revolvers to .380s as ccw weapons . The last year or so i have settled into the compact to sub compact class with my Kahr 9s that i own . Occationaly i will wander back into full size with either a 1911 5" or a sig 220 , but soon return to a gun and size that is both comfortable and comforting . For me and my back the little Kahrs seem to be " the answer " to the carry delima .
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    When clothing permits , I carry a full size USP .
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    I carry a XD-45 Service with no problems, pants, jeans, shorts... I wear my UBG IWB holster.
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    The G23 is a great weapon - 13+1 rounds of .40 S&W in a great size for carry. Same size as the G19. Very reliable and durable.

    Biggest recommendation: Find a range that rents and shoot all of the choice to find out if it feels good to you.
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    I would not mind CCing a HK MK 23.

    But for now I do not really have a choice. The only gun I have a holster for is my USPc. So that goes on everyday, but with the C-Tac it does not matter what I am wearing as it tucks well.

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