ccw gun for a small-framed girl

ccw gun for a small-framed girl

This is a discussion on ccw gun for a small-framed girl within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i have posted before asking for everyone opinion on what pistol for me to get. i thought i would post again and explain my situation ...

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Thread: ccw gun for a small-framed girl

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    ccw gun for a small-framed girl

    i have posted before asking for everyone opinion on what pistol for me to get. i thought i would post again and explain my situation a little bit more and see if i get some more responces.
    i am female, around 5'8" and 115 lb.
    I have very little places to hide a gun on me but do not cosider off-person carry an option. simply too risky.
    i am thus looking for a smaller gun, 9mm semiauto.
    i am quite fond of both the xd9sc and the hk p2000sk but i think they might just be a little too big for me to carry easily. im not sure.
    i have also considered a kahr 9. a friend of mind has it and i can shoot it fairly decently. i believe this would be easier for me to carry since it is fairly thin.
    i would like to ask what your opinion is.
    what other small 9mm guns are there out there.
    i am looking for something of HIGHEST quality. not something cheep- needs to be reliable. also not a glock. i have nothing against them, they just dont work for me. feals wronge.
    oh yes. and it needs to be something that i can fire at the range often. this will be my one and only gun for a little while. i need to be able to put a lot of rounds through it.
    thanks for your time.

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    Kahr is pretty well respected around here.

    The Kel-Tec P11 and Pf-9 are also great small package 9mm's.

    Rohrborgh makes the R9, but it's around 1,000 bucks, so it might be out of the budget.
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    Kahr K9

    I agree that the Kahr would be a good choice in your situation - quite slim and easy to conceal. The two "standard" Kahr 9mms are the P9 (polymer) and the K9 (all steel). Both are about the same physical dimensions, but the P9 is about 18 ounces empty while the K9 is about 25 ounces empty - the weight difference resulting from the use of steel instead of polymer in the K9 frame.

    The K9 has a better reputation for reliability and useful life, as the steel is much stronger than the polymer. The extra weight is also helpful in handling recoil. But since dimensions are the same, they are about equally capable of concealment. I'd be inclined to go with the steel K9, I believe.

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    How about a nice Smith & Wesson 3913 Ladysmith? Thin, light, good capacity...and very reliable to boot!
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    I think this is where we need input from our limatunes as well
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    I was just looking at the kahr pm9. thin and light! One of the local dealers has a used on for $450

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    I agree with Metro 40, The Lady smith would be a good starting
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    Dont be fooled by the common misconception that a small lady needs a small gun. It just aint so. The smaller the gun, the harder it is to shoot.
    You will have some challenges in hiding your gun due to the fact your female, and I assume you dress in womens clothing. You do have some advantages though too, you just need to learn what works for you.
    For your gun question, I would look at anything in the Glock line up, I know you said you dont like 'em, they are an aquired taste. Kahrs are great ( I would not suggest the PM unless you have experiance with small guns) Sig 239, and of course the J frames. Sp101's are a often forgotten good choice too.
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    I don't know how pocket carry works with hips but I'm a skinny guy and have both a kel-tec p-11 (The Kel- Tec P-11 is the smallest and lightest 9 mm ever made. - according to their site) and a s&w j-frame. I find the smith conceals better then the kel-tec especially with pocket carry.

    Kel-Tec also now has a PF-9 9mm single stack (It is the lightest and flattest 9 mm ever made. according to the site)
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    A steel framed Kahr would be a nice choice. Personally I will never buy another of their polymer framed guns without firing it first. I owned a P9 that refused to break in after 500 rounds and a trip back to the factory. There's no way I could trust that gun well enough to carry it and it's not much fun to shoot, so away it went. Last week I got to shoot a P45 and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was dead reliable through 100 rounds of hardball. That's not exceptional I know, but it's way better than that P9 was. It seems that if you get a good one it's very good, but the chances of getting a bad one aren't great and if you have a bad one you're out a lot of money.

    That said, I've heard their steel framed guns are much more consistent. They do have exceptionally good triggers and good ergonomics for people with small hands. I think the steel frames are too heavy for the lack of power they pack, but my situation is different. I have no need for a small framed gun since I have big hands. For your situation the K9 is a great choice. A Smith and Wesson J frame might be a consideration also, they're lighter and also very easy to conceal, you just don't get as much firepower and they're more difficult to shoot accurately. A set of Crimson Trace lasergrips can help make up for the crappy sights, but you still need to practice a lot to develop good accuracy.
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    Just hooked up a young lady today with her CCW. She is likely going into the acadamy this summer and it will be her off duty and concealed carry.

    For her, the pistol will be an off duty, concealed carry and IDPA gun. After shooting all the guns I have and renting some, she decided on a Kahr 9mm. The one she bought was mine and its the Tactical version, with a 4" barrel, which provides a little less recoil and better sight radius.
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    The Kahr 9mm's (unless you are experienced in smaller guns, as Sixto stated) are great guns. Very controllable.

    I think echo the sentiments regarding the S&W 3913....outstanding gun.

    The SIGARMS P239 and P225/P6 might be good guns for you, as well as the HK P7M8 (expensive!...but very slim, not too light, very controllable).
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    My girlfriend is 5'8" and about 110 -115 lbs. she carries a XD9sc. Another option(besides the kahr) might be a 1911 type pistol , or similar slim profile gun. your dress code might need to change some to conceal a HG ,regardless.
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    You might want to consider looking at some of the "CZ" lineup. The CZ82/83 is a little larger than the Kahr but would be much more affordable and every bit as good IMHO. Have to get different ammo (9X18) but they seem to be plentiful right now and probably a little more pep.
    Good Luck
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    I agree with P95 that getting some advice from some of out ladies would be a good place to start. limatunes will likely chime in this evening and Pax may as well. You might want to check Pax's website.

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