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This is a discussion on CC when sitting within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I wear a bersa 380 IWB and after a short while I can not sit with it. It just gets painful after a while. I've ...

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Thread: CC when sitting

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    I wear a bersa 380 IWB and after a short while I can not sit with it. It just gets painful after a while. I've been putting it off b/c I'm still not totally sure of the gun but I am planning on going with a P3at with a pocket holster. The gun is very flat so I think it will hide well in my khakis or dress trousers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmwb View Post
    I'm leanding toward the Bersa .380cc or a P3at at this time as an initial primary carry.
    In an office environment, I would say the PT380 would be the gun. It is totally concealable with no problem. The Bersa 380 is a bit large in the tooth to have 100% surety of it not being spotted.

    If you job depends on stealth, it's the PT380 that you need. (Use a cheap pocket holster.)

    I do have both the Bersa and the Kel-Tec.

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    When my PT 380 is on board I forget it is even there. I often carry my Kahr PM 40 in my pocket..."I" know it's there, but it doesn't print, nor is it heavy enough to be an issue either. And this holds true for suits too.
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    If concealment is a concern and you will be sitting I would take a look at Ken Null's Shoulder Holsters for under the shirt wear and carry a J-Frame Revolver. I have and use one on occaision.

    It will be slower to draw, but a slow to access weapon is still better than no weapon at all. If you pocket carry you will need to stand before you can draw.

    Another option for sitting is an Ankle Holster. This is the position that I carry my 442 when driving long distances. I move the 442 to the weakside pocket before exiting the vehicle.


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    It's An Expensive Little Firearm but,

    You could opt for the Tiny Rohrbaugh 9mm. It's priced at a Grand though.
    It might be a worthwhile investment for you.
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    I sit most of the day with my G19 IWB with a dress shirt tucked over it. Today I'm using my Crossbreed Supertuck, the ctac works also.
    "Take what you have with what you are, make something of it, and never be satisfied." G.W. Carver

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    It depends on the day. I occasionally ankle carry, but most of the time it's pocket carry with my P3AT.... if I'm going to be sitting all day.

    I generally have a larger caliber BUG in my briefcase, which is within reach at all times.
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    I sit alot, but with my daily work rig I'm comfortable running or wrestling. My draw from sitting is fast enough without the body controsions of a tuckable or pocket carry and it dosent restrict me to a small gun.

    You'll find previous post I've made concerning how I carry by searching my name or "UC Comfort". Simply put after 15 years, I'll stack it up against other forms of carry for "business" enviornments, where a shirt is tucked into slacks, but it dosent work well with polos, so you'll find more and more button shirts in your closet.
    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    My 642 sits in a Don Hume holster all day and I don't even notice it. Steve48

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    Work for the school system, can't carry at work...but if I did, I would probably use the Charter Off Duty or Kahr CW40 in a Smart Carry in the Spring and Summer, and use my Crossbreed IWB with a sport coat or fleece vest in the Fall and Winter.

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