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Ruger P345

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    Ruger P345

    What are the opinion's on this pistol?

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    I don't own one, but shot one at Ruger Day's at my local gun shop. I was extremely impressed with the feel and they way it shot. Simple to use. The price was incredibly reasonable. But I just couldn't get the urge to buy one. It just doesn't look like a gun should for some reason.
    Never had one hiccup.

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    I have one; however it has had some issues with FTEs and a few times of the slide not catching the next round in the mag and closing on an empty chamber (but full magazine).

    It is going back to Ruger for a "look see."

    The DA trigger pull is very L--O--N--G on mine; the SA pull is reasonable.

    It is fairly accurate.
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    I've had mine about a year now. Run about 100 rounds through it every week, sometimes more. Zero problems, accurate and easy to manage. Has taken every reload and factory round I can feed it without problems. This is the most trouble free auto loader I've ever had. It is a keeper.
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    Had one for about six months and got rid of it. When I first picked it up it felt good in my hand but after a couple of months the grip starting feeling very uncomfortable. I have medium size hands and I just couldn't get past the uncomfortable grip. But never had any FTF/FTE problems. Good luck.....
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    I've shot hundreds of rounds out of a P345 without cleaning it, and it never once failed. They are balanced well and its easy to get follow up shots and keep a tight group.

    I love them, but they are a tad bit uncomfortable for me
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    Rugers are a low end but high value pistols. They are not as refined as some of the others, but make for a great "sock drawer" or camp gun. I have kept a P89 for years now, just cause it works and works well.
    Ruger is also known to over build their guns, this is not a good thing when it comes to a CCW if you are weight sensitive.
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    P345 is the same weight as a light weight Commander, which I think is quite reasonable for a .45. Mine is very accurate, eats any ammo I've found, and has low profile controls for snag-free draw. The SA pull is fine, and after a few hundred rounds, the DA is very, very nice! Also, the recoil seems soft, even with +P ammo.

    When I bought this gun I had planned on spending about twice as much. The Ruger suited my needs best; the savings were just a nice bonus.

    After several thousand rounds without any issues, I am very happy with this gun.
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    I can say most of the same things for the p345. I've had one now for just under 1 year and no problems at all.

    I will be honest on what i've researched

    It has had a bit of a "past". there is a magazine disconnector that prevents the firearm from being fired if there is not a magazine inserted.

    this has caused some failure to fires (FTF). mostly due to a well known thing to not do with this handgun. DO NOT dry fire it without a magazine inserted.

    myself, I love it's handling. it's a single stack, so it's narrow and even slightly narrower around the top of the grip. for my hand, it puts my finger in perfect pulling position.

    has a good pull and recoil feels light to me.

    ambi saftey, however, magazine release is only on the left side.

    most models come with the piccattiny (sp) rails for attachments.

    polymer frame

    comes in blued and stainless slides

    loaded chamber indicator as well.

    that's all i can think of for ya right now.

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    I fired one of these Saturday in the range portion of my CC course, very nice! The thing I loved most about the course was the chance to fire each other's weapons and the instructor's 3 guns he use's in the course.
    Everyone seemed to like my full sized S&W M&P 40. I love my M&P and will go ahead and add a M&P 40c to my bag but I can see myself buying the P345, and a small framed Kahr PW40 to boot, those are nice!


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    sold mine

    for the reason of the mag disconnect......

    Went with the XD40SC, and now the XD45C.....


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    I have one, and it shoots fine. Incidentally, I'm trying to sell mine, if you're interested... (it's practically new).

    I think it comes down to personal preference... it's a fine gun, it just isn't my favorite one to shoot. However it's reliable and fairly accurate.
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