Glock 30 , Ultimate CCW Gun ?

Glock 30 , Ultimate CCW Gun ?

This is a discussion on Glock 30 , Ultimate CCW Gun ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all , just found the forum and thought I would start a discussion. I'm a retired LEO and have been carrying for over 22 ...

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Thread: Glock 30 , Ultimate CCW Gun ?

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    Glock 30 , Ultimate CCW Gun ?

    Hello all , just found the forum and thought I would start a discussion. I'm a retired LEO and have been carrying for over 22 years but always what my dept. mandated.

    That changed once I retired and although I have many handguns in many calibers to choose from I find myself carrying the G30 most of the time.

    When you think about it it may be the best overall concealed carry handgun available.

    Here are some of the reasons why:

    1. Its a proven reliable pistol
    2. Its remarkably accurate
    3. Its fairly compact
    4. Its fairly light in weight.
    5. It chambered in the legendary .45 acp
    6. It holds 11 rds of .45 acp
    7. It shoots "soft" and is very controllable under rapid-fire
    8. Its a Glock read: simple and user friendly
    9.There are alot of holsters and accesories available for it.
    10. Chicks dig it !

    What say U ?

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    I agree on the Glock part, make mine a 23.
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    I pretty much agree. My G30 is my primary carry IW. However, there are time I need to pocket carry. In those cases, I use my G26 or Kel-Tec P-11 or P3AT.
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    I carried mine for a long time and occasionally still do, Now I mostly carry the G29 and can use the same holsters.....
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    I love Glock, although my caliber of choice is .40, thus my 27.
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    Welcome to DC.

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    I think if it fits your hands and you shoot it well, it's a wonderful concealed carry pistol. Reliable, pretty easy to carry, and scary accurate...I used to own one and it routinely shot tiny little groups all day long.

    I used to run that thing ragged.....I once ran it through a very demanding training day with a buddy who is a SWAT tac-team leader. Because I just got the gun a week before that day, I had not yet even had the chance to replace the stock sights.....when practicing one-handed clearance drills, using the rear sight to rack the slide, I thought for sure the top of the slide would be scratched to the end of the day, I used some oil to remove some of the paint that got on the gun from various objects I used to rack the slide, and voila, the gun was amazingly scratch-free.....the only thing wrong was that I put a few gouges into the plastic sight (the sight didn't even rip off, like so many people suggest they will). Obviously, the preceding applies to all Glocks, not just the G30, but thought I'd share.

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    It is still a glock

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    1911 .

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    I don't know if I'd go with the concept of "ultimate CCW gun" since conditions can vary from person to person or in different situations, such that something else would be sometimes better.

    I'd be more comfortable with "top 10" or "top 20" CCW guns, and would probably put the G30 on a list of that sort. It does have lots of strong points, which you listed.

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    If I need more than 7 shots...I'll change mags...I prefer the G-36...


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    I like my Glock 30...but I always end up going back to my 1911s.
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    My preference is Glock 29, but I will eventually own a 30 and a 36. If you want to make it even better for around $50 get a Ghost Ultimate trigger kit put in it. Get the heavier springs to go with it though. Huge difference from stock.
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    a 30 is going to be my next handgun...I've got a couple of Glocks now. The 30 for me is on my short list for "ultimate" ccw gun, but it gets some major points knocked off for the width...but then there is always the 37 for the people that say it is just too wide so...

    My ultimate CCW is a .45 that is only .46" wide, 3" bbl, holds 30 rounds, has a short grip, is 100% reliable, is 100% accurate, weighs 2oz loaded, and absorbs all felt recoil....haven't seem to find that one yet though.

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    I have always been a 1911 shooter, carrier but I have a great deal of respect for the glock. I have even said that the two best handguns on the market today are the afore mentioned firearms. I do currently own a g21. I just feel that the 45 is the best round on the market.

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