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    Does anyone have any experience with Cylinder and Slides dunk bucket cleaning method or any other method that cleans ultra sonic?

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    It works, but not as well as most people think. It does help get the grime loose but you still have to do a little scrubbing if you want it to be really clean.
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    For soaking guns, I just use diesel fuel or kerosene. I have done this with my Mossberg 500, Glock 22, and my old Taurus PT-145. It never damages the plastics on the weapons OR the tubs I soak them in. I have a long, narrow tupperware container that I use for my rifles/shotguns and a shorter narrow container for pistols. I field strip, arrange the parts in the tubs, fill with fresh diesel, snap the lids on and leave them outside in the sun for a few hours (until they get nice and hot). I then take off the lids and scrub the parts with a plastic brush and let them soak again for another couple of hours.

    edit: The containers were ~$5 US and reusable, and I use on average less than a gallon of diesel in this process.

    When it starts to get dark, I take the parts out and clean them as I normally would. You will find a LOT of crud in the tupperware dishes and even more loosened crud on the firearms themselves. I use a clean plastic brush and hot, high pressure water for my polymer stuff and then blow them out with compressed air. For metal stuff, I spray them out with syn. safe Gun Scrubber and then blow those out too.. From there I do a normal cleaning/lubing and discard the used diesel in our fire pit.

    Do I do this often? Hell no! Way too much trouble! But if I use a firearm(s) enough over a couple of days and it gets really nasty, I usually go fill up the diesel canister.

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