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This is a discussion on Nighthawk Club within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, I succumed to my weakness (want guns I can't afford) yesterday. I plopped down the plastic and bought a Nighthawk Predator. I'd been looking ...

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    Talking Nighthawk Club

    Well, I succumed to my weakness (want guns I can't afford) yesterday. I plopped down the plastic and bought a Nighthawk Predator. I'd been looking at it, holdin it, caressing it, rackin the slide, and just generally admiring it every time I made it over to Cheaper Than Dirt in Ft. Worth. I'm anxious to try it out at the range, but it'll be a few weeks before I can get out there. I've got an interim holster I can use for it, but, as I was tellin Bumper last week, I've settled on getting a complete Tucker rig....belt, holster, and mag pouch....gonna have to wait on that little purchase for a while though...gotta pay the plastic down first.

    She's a byute and I'll post a review after I've broke her in. Here's my pics.
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    Congratulations Prospector on your new .45 its a beauty, you want to run not walk to the shooten place, time goes by each day and make it count. Its a fine looking firearm.
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    Thumbs up Ditto

    DITTO the Congratulations.
    And...with the Tucker set~up you should be ready for just about anything that might maliciously venture your way.
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    Welcome to the Nighthawk Club! I know you are going to love it even more after taking it to the range!

    Here's the picture you emailed me in it's larger size.

    Last edited by Bumper; April 18th, 2005 at 02:39 AM. Reason: Hmmm, it's not larger. Gonna have to look into that....
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    sweet............congrats.........its a beauty
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    That IS nice!

    Had the SIGs ouy yesterday and realized what I miss most is adjustable sights. Got to think about doing something about that.

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    very nice, congrats and welcome to the brotherhood.

    Took the wife's Talon IV to the range today and had an absolute blast. I raced cars on the Speedvision World Cup and a properly set up M3 was such an amazing car that all you have to do is hodl on and you would win. This pistol is pretty much the same way. Just point it in the right direction and you will shoot amazingly.

    Everytime I get to shoot this pistol it amazes me at its controllability and accuracy. The reset of the trigger is so minute that rapid fire drills are a breeze with this pistol.

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    Prospector, Welcome to the Nighthawk Club. I'm sure you will love it. Range report asap please.

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    Wow, Nighthawk's everywhere. I may have to have me one soon.

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