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XD40sc vs. Glock 23

This is a discussion on XD40sc vs. Glock 23 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by DirtDawg Couldn't decide so I bought em all DirtDawg, you sir are a sage!...

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Thread: XD40sc vs. Glock 23

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtDawg View Post
    Couldn't decide so I bought em all
    DirtDawg, you sir are a sage!

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    "Can't we all just get along?" Ok, I really like both guns. I have only got 350 rounds through my XD so far, but I'm really like'n it!

    Will I get rid of my G-23? Hell No! Probably eventually will get a G-30. But I am really liking that XD9sc. No getting rid of it either! (unless the wife commandeers it!)
    Semper Fi

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    Both are great. I have shot both, and absolutely love the G23. I have several guns, I must admit most are prettier than the Glocks... But if I had just one... It would have to be Glock23.

    Want 9mm? How about .357Sig? just drop in the barrel.
    Need a part? get them ANYWHERE.
    Shoots anything- last on and on.
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    your user info indicates you already carry a XD 9mm SC. Why are you looking to switch? Seems to me you already have a decent carry weapon (provided you are not having problems with it) and you could use the money on ammo or training, or on buying another copy of it for backup.

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    For me, the 23 is definitely the way to go. I LOVE my 19 and 23! They live up to their well deserved reputation, that's for sure. And I'm surprised at how much I have come to like shooting these guns after being a near-total 1911 shooter for many years.
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    I have no experience with the XD. However, I do own a Glock 23. Great combat weapon. Enough to wrap your hand around and easily concealed. Mine shoots well and has NEVER malfunctioned.

    Good luck in your choice. I have read good things about the XD, so whichever you choose, I'm sure that you will be happy.
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    I wanted to just ad an .40 to my starting collection. I currently have a 9mmXDsc, .45 XD GAP tactical, .45 Kimber Ultra CDP, .357 King Cobra. I did have a ruger .40 and am looking to replace it with either the G23 or XD.40sc. Just adding more to choose from. Guns are like tatoos, once you get one you want more and more!!!
    Harley 91
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    Cover garments, bits of uniform and holsters, and God knows what else invariably wind up being holstered along with the gun. The grip safety of an XD will prevent what could otherwise be an ND.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jchoo View Post
    Cover garments, bits of uniform and holsters, and God knows what else invariably wind up being holstered along with the gun. The grip safety of an XD will prevent what could otherwise be an ND.
    Only if you comprimise your master grip on the weapon as you holster. To me, not keeping a good grip on the weapon seems more dangerous than the relatively small chance of a clothing-related ND.

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    Get the glock. More accesories, easier to fix, less complicated, and durable. I had an XD 40 which rusted a week after I bought it and the trigger was sloppy. I'll never buy an XD again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark555 View Post
    Flip a coin ether way you will win.
    That pretty much sums it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harley91 View Post
    I am interested in buying a .40 but not sure what brand to go with. I have narrowed it to two xd40sc or glock 23. I need some pros and cons or which would be best for ccw and also target practing. Which is a better weapon and why?
    My vote is for the GLOCK:

    - Been around a lonnnng time (quite, you 1911ers!)
    - Utterly reliable
    - Durable
    - Soooo incredibly simple
    - Plenty accurate enough, and improvable

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    Although I like the XD pistols, I opted for the Glock 23. I had also considered an M&P .40 (and still may....hehehe) but ultimately the Glock rose to the top for all the aforementioned reasons:

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    Good luck with your choice!

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    I have shot both, the XD has a higher bore axis and seems to flip more then a Glock, but they are both great guns.
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    I say the XD has a more pure feel and shoots better due to the vertical barrel alignment. the g has a euro feel and I find that I shoot high time and again with a g. Having said that, of course I am biased as I shopped for the g but bought the XD.

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