Recently bought a used pt111 pro and really like this little gun, took it out and shot several magazines through it, feels and shoots good.

Third trip to the range it started giving me problems, funky FTF and when I locked the slide back and looked inside the firing pin was protruding from the breech face.
Field stripped the gun and found that the firing pin was hanging up on a guide towards the back end of the slide.

Got home, got the parts diagram out and found out that the plastic slide cap that fits over the back end of the firing pin was missing.
Believe it or not I actually was able to find the little bugger but the reason it fell off is that part of the plastic arm that clips in place had broken off.

Now for the main question, is there a better aftermarket replacement for this plastic cap and if so can you direct me to a source. I'm sure I can get taurus to send me another plastic one but I would like to know if there is a better mousetrap out there.