ASP-modified ultra CCW 9mm S&W?

ASP-modified ultra CCW 9mm S&W?

This is a discussion on ASP-modified ultra CCW 9mm S&W? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Back when I was buying my first gun in 1993, the shop I went to (The Camp Site, in Huntington, L.I., NY) had a little ...

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Thread: ASP-modified ultra CCW 9mm S&W?

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    ASP-modified ultra CCW 9mm S&W?

    Back when I was buying my first gun in 1993, the shop I went to (The Camp Site, in Huntington, L.I., NY) had a little modified 9mm S&W model 39 pistol that I was shown. It was modded to be ideal for concealed carry. It was a marvel, but way out of my price range.

    It was a single-stack 9mm S&W that had been "melted" on every potentially sharp, snaggy corner. The magazines had been cut so that the remaining ammunition could be seen easily -- because the grip panels had been replaced with clear lexan! There was no front and rear sight; instead there was a "gutter sight," which is difficult to describe. The hammer was bobbed. My memory about it is somewhat hazy, but do I recall that it was called the "ASP" -- I had the (possibly mistaken) impression that it had something to do with the same people who make the batons and stuff for self defense. Or was that just the monicker given to the gun? Wikipedia has an entry about the ASP.

    The gun looked and felt like a bar of black Dial soap that you've been using for a week and a half. It was so smooth!

    Does anyone here have one? If so, what'd it cost, and do you carry it?

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    Don't have one, wanted one, but I think Dane Burns and Wayne Novak collect them, may be some pics on their sites. They were the "inspiration" for the Smith and Wesson 469, or so I've heard. The sight was called a "Guttersnipe." I think that Charles Kelsey (Devel) had a version of it, don't know which came first. It came along WAAYYY before the ASP baton. What I have read said they were a favorite of "spooks" in alphabet agencies back then. I have a pic of one I can mail you or post up later. If I had one, I wouldn't carry it.
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    Nope, don't have one but, I wish I would have bought one when I had the chance. Slick firearm and nicely tuned too.
    I have shot one though moons ago.
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    I once had the order blank filled out for one with check attached , and wound up paying the hospital bill on the birth of our second child with that money , I still am not shure which would have been a better deal tho .
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    Beat-to-Hell ones sell for $1000 pretty regularly. If you have (and I have never seen one even pictured) a mint ASP, my guess would be a start of $2000-2500, for a serious collector. Might well be more..............

    I've handled one, and even knocked around and dinged, it was a pretty awesome piece of gunsmithing.

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    Chopped model 39

    In the past I have read an article or two about this gun, which is essentially a chopped and modified S&W model 39. I was interested in the topic because I own a S&W model 39 that I bought new in the late 1960's - it was one of my first guns, and I still shoot it from time to time.

    I do believe that the firearms industry has since produced single stack 9mm carry guns of equal or greater utility, however. I would say that a Kahr model K9 (steel) or P9 (polymer) would fill the same market niche today. But the chopped model 39 was indeed an interesting exercise in gunsmithing, and a real collector's item today.

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    Here's a thread from a year ago about the ASP, originally posted by QKShooter.

    I guess QK's memory must be fading.

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