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Is It Just Me?

This is a discussion on Is It Just Me? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by maclean3 Maybe so but I've landed a few lunkers and put more than my share of rainbows in the smoker with it. ...

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Thread: Is It Just Me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maclean3 View Post
    Maybe so but I've landed a few lunkers and put more than my share of rainbows in the smoker with it. Does it handle any better than my $150 graphite rod? Absolutely, it's a completely different experience fishing that rod. Do I still use my graphite rods? Sure I do - but not for trout.
    Man do I ever agree!!!!! there is nothing like a finely crafted piece of tonkin cane in your hand! I spend more on flyrods than I do on guns anyday! but back on track, my Kimber Ultra Carry II is a great gun, fits my hand, points naturally, fits in my wader pocket.
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    And just as some see beauty in something like a fly rod, hot rod, or anything of that nature others will look at the time and effort put into building for them a excellent pistol. Yall will laugh and wonder at me on this one. I have a Winchester mod 70 in .223 that I got from a gunsmith and it was his personal varmit gun. It come with scope and 1000 rounds. I've had it about 3 -4 years now. Guess what? I've never shot it yet. I clean it and admire the silk smooth action and polish the beautiful wood. I'll get around to it one day. It's something to pass on to my son.

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    It's not a thousand-dollar gun, but this is my G27 after being carried for ... well, since 1996. I only recently replaced it as a carry gun with a full-sized G22.

    The only area in which this gun shows its age is the top of the whatchamacallit block, the back end of the barrel, the blocky part that comes through the ejection port. (What is the name for that?)

    The top of it seems to have lines permanently etched into it, as fingerprints. At first, I made myself believe they were patterned toolmarks under the finish, but now I'm not so sure. I don't know why or how, but I suppose that fingerprints left on it did something to the finish over time? Hasn't ever affected function one little bit, though, so I won't worry about it. Cleaning with Hoppe's No. 9 and CLP have not removed them. I made a mistake recently and lightly rubbed with a green dish scrubbie, and immediately saw that doing so could remove the finish (there are some fine lines scrubbed into it now), so I figured better to leave well-enough alone.
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    $1000+ for a 1911?

    Capitalism at its BEST! I love it!
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