Tough Guns

Tough Guns

This is a discussion on Tough Guns within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A lot of people don't like to admit it, but sometimes handguns drop and take rough falls. Or aren't cleaned ritually after days at the ...

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Thread: Tough Guns

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    Tough Guns

    A lot of people don't like to admit it, but sometimes handguns drop and take rough falls. Or aren't cleaned ritually after days at the range. Or are generally abused at competitions or training. Those folks are exactly the ones I would love to comment here!

    As the name of the thread implies, I’m looking for some tough guns. Why? Age 21 (carrying age in Florida) is right around the corner, and I’ll be the only one in my family who will actually carry; simply put, that means that what I carry has the weight of my family’s safety on my waist and my prospective handgun's frame. Hoping for the best but planning for the worst, I need something that will not only be reliable, but be durable. I should be able to count on it going "bang" when it's supposed to, not going "bang" when it's not, even if in less-than-ideal circumstances.

    With the help of a friend, I’ve put together a list of handguns I’m interested for the concealed-carry role, all of them known to be generally tough s.o.b.’s, by brand and model of personal interest in parentheses. My question to you all: which would you consider the toughest?

    • Glock (all medium and small framed models)
    • Heckler & Koch (USP/USP Compact)
    • Kahr (K9 or K9 Elite)
    • Sig Sauer (P220/P226/P229)
    • Springfield Armory (XD/XD Compact)

    If you can think of others, please post what and why; I'm open to other opinions, but have little frame of reference since I was brought upon Glock and only recently had the chance to try out other handguns. My only stipulation is that the handguns be auto-loaders and be of a fairly common caliber.

    Thanks in advance, let the learning begin.

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    There are a few well known 'torture tests' out there to draw upon, Glocks quite rightly rate highly under duress. It's difficult to neglect one enough in everyday circumstances to make it fail.

    Of all the guns I have experience with the only ones I had any reliability issue with were a Para-Ordnance 1911 and a SIG P232. Both failed to feed with HPs on occasion.

    If I had to chose one semi-auto to rely upon over all others it would be my XD9 SC, take another look at them, they are selling well for a reason.

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    I added it up there, got a smack upside the head from a friend who adores his XD.

    But if it's a tough gun then it's worthy of mention. On the list now.


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    I have used my Glock-23 for almost 8 years with heavy duty swat training and use. It gets banged around to say the least, but I do take care of it with maintenence and cleaning. 100% reliable so far!

    I've only had my XD9sc two weeks and only 500 rounds through it but so far it appears as durable as the Glock, especially from what others have said.

    However I know my Glock has had 8 years hard use and only now getting to know my XD so I will reserve saying anything about it yet other than I like what I see so far and am glad I got it.
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    My XD behaves just fine wether I neglect it or not. Goes bang when i want it to, doesn't when I don't.

    It's what I use for IDPA so it gets its exercise.


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    1911. Tried and battlefield tested time and time again, unlike all the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    1911. Tried and battlefield tested time and time again, unlike all the others.
    Ummmm, yeah. Never any cases of fractured/sheared sear surfaces, bent safeties, or crushed detent spring tubes (freezing a safety). Yes, the 1911 has its years in, but it is in no way as "field-durable" as the others. Period. End of story. Granted, I would go to great lengths to prevent my weapon from bounding happily along the concrete, but, particularly in the Glock and XD platforms, there are simply fewer mechanisms to fail.

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    No question about it, the Glock wins this contest. You cant go wrong with the 19/23 the 26/27 or the 30/36.
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    I have to agree with the 1911 as well, though my second pick would be the glock.

    In case any of you missed it, I had one HECK of a drop not long ago and posted about it. It did some damage to the gun in ways of scratching it but nothing more than that. There was a little question as to whether the sear spring or sear or hammer hooks were damaged but that came back to be a "no."

    The gun is still in perfect working order, despite the fact that it's been abused more in it's last two weeks of existence than any other time in its life as a gun.

    Just this morning it was pushed off the bed and crashed and banged its way down the headboard and wall and landed on the floor.

    I've read multiple torture tests for 1911s and been amazed at their durability (as long as you get a quality 1911, that is).

    If that's not on your list, that's fine, then I'd go with Glock. I'm constantly amazed by their durability as well.

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    IMHO Go for Glock durability.
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    I believe that a polymer frame is going to be much tougher and resistant to abuse than either aluminum or steel frames. Polymer seems to have more ability to flex when it receives a blow, and return to the original position. I believe that metal is more inclined to bend, crack or take a scratch, as it is more brittle than the polymer used in handgun frames.

    Of the polymer guns you mentioned, I have first hand experience with Glocks and H&K USPs, owning two of each type. I would go with either one for toughness, durability and reliability.

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    Don't knock it till you try it! If you want the most durable and reliable you want a wheel gun.

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    Funny that there is no mention of a CZ75. The Witness is also a tough gun.
    Mine has taken alot of abuse. no small springs just waiting to break
    like that of a Glock's trigger, or the decocker on a SIG.
    15 years of running CZs and CZ clones , with nary a problem.

    Your mileage may vary.
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    Well, I would not count out the XD without shooting one. For me it provided the combination of a very Glock-like design for rock solid dependability, while including some nice safety features that the Glock just does not offer. Not to mention a much more natural grip angle, on top of it all.

    And it has passed these "Torture tests" as well..


    The XD isn't going anywhere, and it's a proven performer. I've put at least 10,000 rounds through mine and have never had any problem with it. It is certainly worth shooting at the range before you throw your money down for a Glock.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Glocks! But the XD is worth a look. The biggest complaint about it is that you have to send it back to Springfield for most major repairs.. But then I don't think very many have major issues. Mine certainly hasn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by GotSig? View Post
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