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This is a discussion on Wally World BS!!!!!!!!!!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Doesn't NY require a permit just to own the pistol? If so, that would explain why you need to show a permit to buy pistol ...

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Thread: Wally World BS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Doesn't NY require a permit just to own the pistol? If so, that would explain why you need to show a permit to buy pistol ammo. Of course, the answer about it being for a Carbine will always work. I've seen pictures of an AR chambered in 32 ACP, so any other pistol ammo could be as well.
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    I tell them I own a thompson and it is not for a handgun

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    I bought 500 rounds of blazer brass .45 acp from the Wal Mart in Midlothian VA today. 10.96 a box (WAY cheaper than buying from an online 'discount' place) and no questions.

    Must be a locale issue.

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    I like to play with their minds a little.

    Quote Originally Posted by 0.02 View Post
    Maybe that's a NY thing?

    Here they just ask if it's for a pistol or rifle, no permit required - nor should there be.

    Of course being Wal*Mart maybe they had someone working the counter who knew absolutely nothing about anything, last time I was in there I was served by a defrosted cave dweller.
    I'll reply to their question about is it for a pistol by saying no, it's for a machine gun. Once I told the clerk I use them for cake decorating. You should see some of the looks I get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    You can go up to the counter some days, say, "Can I have a box of .45," and they'll say, "A box of what?"

    "A box of .45 ACP."
    LOL--So, I'm not the only one that's had this conversation! Fortunately, when I said, "ACP--Auto Colt Pistol. You know, .45 Auto?" He was able to function, since the box said, ".45 Auto" right there on the side.

    Now, if you want to mess with them, wait until they ask if it's for a rifle or a handgun. Then smile and say, "Both!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by jmc View Post
    A little off topic but since Wal-Mart is being discussed, when I was purchasing ammo last week the dept manager in sporting goods told me they were expecting another jump in ammo prices soon. He was quick to tell me it would definately be affecting what I was buying. WWB.

    Now back on topic, I can't recall a time I've ever been asked for ID to by ammo. I know I have'nt in the last 2 years.
    ammo went up $2.00 last week in Wally World

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    I just tell 'em, "Hi, I need that white box on the second shelf down, marked $21.88" or whatever price point it's at. The problem at any WM near me is actually FINDING the employee that is supposed to be in sporting goods. Last time, he was - no lie - getting aquarium fish for two different customers. These folks would not make up their minds, and he spent nearly 20 minutes with them. They wound up buying a five dollar betta. While this was going on, I watched two guys leave the counter in disgust, and both of 'em said "forget it, I'll go spend the extra buck at Dick's". I'd guess right there that WM lost enough profit on those two guys to have paid the salary of another person to run the counter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmeron View Post
    Went to the local Wally World to get some 45acp,they asked for my pistol permit,what the hell is this BS.

    In New York state you need a pistol permit to even handle a pistol. Walmart and any other ammo seller is supposed to check to make sure that if you are buying pistol ammo that you have a license. New York somehow missed the whole 2nd amendment thing. Most counties have subverted the constitution (even the NY constitution) to the point where it is unrecognizable.

    I grew up in NY and beat my head against this anti gun culture. Why New Yorkers continually vote in these anti gun morons is beyond me. Even Pataki (republican) signed the law that ALL guns sold must have a gun lock. You don't need to keep the lock on once you leave the store, you just have to have one on leaving the store. Nuts!!

    I move to Georgia a few years ago and it is a much more Constitutional state.

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    "This 9mm ammo here.. well it's for my sub-machine gun..."

    I've bought enough of it and gone through the same cashier that it is now our inside joke...

    Never been asked for ID, I buy it in Moscow Idaho & Lewiston Idaho...

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    "It's for a machine gun."

    Unfortunately I've never been asked if it's for a pistol or rifle; I want to use that line! :D
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    You know, I have never been asked if it is for a rifle or pistol when buying ammo at Wally World. Ain't Tennessee and Alabama great?
    (I lived in Alabama until Sept. 2005, then moved to Tennessee)
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    For what Wally pays, you are lucky the clerk shows up sober and speaks English. Okay, I'm exagerating a bit.

    Our local Wally World has always had very good people in the sporting goods department, people who have been there for years. They know what their customers want and need, and they go above and beyond to keep us all happy.

    If you get an absolute know-nothing clerk, take the time to politely educate him and the similarly know-nothing assistant manager who will probalby be called to for help. Each and every WalMart associate (see, I used the 'correct' term) knows that blessings flow from Bentonville based on sales volumn.

    The more stuff you and I and our fellow psycho gun-nuts buy, the less likely it is that the store employees will have to eat the family pets to keep body and soul together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I could be wrong, but I think thats just the way it is in NY. From what I understand you need a permit (tax) to blow your nose.
    Hey as a former New Yorker I take offense to that. The nose blowing permit was proposed, but never approved.
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    What I want to know is...what difference does it make whether its for pistol or rifle?? Wallyworld asks that stupid question here too.

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    Had a problem at walmart too last night. For some reason my ID was not enough to purchase 9mm ammo, they had to call some manager out of a meeting just to let me purchase. (almost 20 minute wait)

    Plus side I got a 250 round box of UMC for only 37.99.

    I think walmart has started having problems since they started phasing out their long guns. But that could be just around me.
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