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CCW suggestions for a disabled woman?

This is a discussion on CCW suggestions for a disabled woman? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Expanding a little on my previous post (# 5), she could cock the hammer with the palm of her non shooting hand and fire the ...

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Thread: CCW suggestions for a disabled woman?

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    Expanding a little on my previous post (# 5), she could cock the hammer with the palm of her non shooting hand and fire the J-Frame cowboy (in this case cowgirl?) style. Put some Lasergrips on the J-Frame and she could forgo the normal sighting process and shoot from the hip (if there is a timed fire requirement for the permit).

    Take a look at the link below to see what I mean:

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    J Frame may not be the best answer

    The S&W J frame (even the lady smith) may not be the best answer but it certainly has potential.

    I would suggest a Sig 232 that has had the "Factory" action job to lighten and smooth out an already fine double action trigger.

    Why? You may ask.

    1st round double action same as a J frame then it is single action the first shot. Easy to reload. Simple to operate in times of stress just as is the J frame. Double action like the J frame is not as likely to be fired accidently.

    The .380 even with Cor-Bon ammo is quite impressive.

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    You know, I've seen a lot of good suggestions here for this topic. I think the woman would be best suited to try out as many of these suggestions as possible because only she can telll what is managable.

    I have heard those little NAA .22 mini's are so tiny that they can be a handful to handle... I don't know... again I think giving the woman as many opportunities as possible is the ONLY way to know what works.

    I was thinking some more on possible choices. The only experience with something along the lines of a .22 target gun is the Hi Standard Sport King and a few things I have noticed are:

    A) The target grips are really very comfortable and may fit her hands best.

    B) Being chambered for the .22 long rifle, the slide is remarkably easy to opperate when chambering a round. Not nearly as stiff as a the larger center fire calibers.

    C) .22 long rifle means very mild and controllable recoil. Especially in the target models with full grips and standard frames.

    D) 10 round magazines fairly easy to manipulate. (may need to have someone load the rounds into the magazines and spares for her, but that's ok)

    E) Being target gun, remarkably accurate so making well placed shots with an "underpowered" round does help with it's ability to stop someone. (Five or Six rounds in the heart or in someones face will get their attention)

    F) Can get short 4 inch barrels, possibly 3 inch (not sure) making them ok to conceal.

    Not to say the .22 long rifle is the best defense round, but for a disabled person, if that's what they can handle, shoot and be comfortable with, then that's what they should go with.

    My only experience with these guns are with the Hi Standard and I love them. The Colts and Rugers and others are probably equally suited as well.

    Just my thoughts! Good luck in finding the right gun.
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    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    DVC & "Disability"

    I mostly disagree, and I really do not believe many here have given much thought to the idea of being "disabled".

    Let's consider these three principles: DVC.

    Also, please pardon the departure from the apparent order (D-V-C), but the truth is, none is more important than the other two.


    IMO, the first thing thrown out the window in this discussion was the concept of leverage.

    Among other things, leverage speaks to the idea of power (Vis).

    Exactly why a "disabled" person should give up power in a defensive firearm is unclear, but what is clear is that downsizing is bound to produce a commensurate reduction in both power and leverage.

    If the gun lacks sufficient power, what good is it?

    Similarly, if the gun is so tiny as to deny its "disabled" operator sufficient mechanical advantage to operate it, what good is it?


    Except in this thread, the idea of accuracy (Diligentia) is not far behind.

    With respect to accuracy, exactly how is it that a "disabled" person should be better able to manage a mousegun than anyone else?

    Does anybody really believe accuracy is unimportant in a defensive sidearm?

    Large, close target(s), you say?


    How many, how large, and how close?

    Now, after counting and sizing them up, are you still unconcerned about accuracy, or just willing to pontificate about it?


    Finally, we have speed (Celeritas).

    Within reasonable limits regarding dimensions, I'm afraid I just don't see how any miniature could facilitate easier or faster manipulation (with the necessary degree of D & V) than a "full-size" handgun (or at least one a lot larger than were advised in this thread).

    I guess most on board are a lot more expert at mousegun manipulation than myself (not to mention most "disabled" persons).

    Closing Thought

    Try opening your mind to the possibility that someday you might become "disabled".

    Meanwhile, buy the very best disability insurance you can find and afford, hope it never happens to you, and understand that much of the rest written about the subject here probably isn't worth spit.

    Just my opinion, of course.


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    J-frame, trigger job, old style small wood grips. One thing we need to remember is the sore hands. Example I for 1 hate shooting the KT 380, I would think a person in her condition would fire this 1 time and would be done.


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