Stockpiling parts for guns you own?

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Thread: Stockpiling parts for guns you own?

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    Question Stockpiling parts for guns you own?

    Do you, like me, stockpile certain parts that could theoretically wear out or break?

    I don't do it for all my guns, just the carry ones (GLOCKs).

    There's a guy who runs a booth called G&L GLOCK at the south Florida fair gun shows (he's been a fixture there since I began going back in '97!). He keeps bins and bins of GLOCK parts; he's a cop with a local department and a GLOCK armorer. ******* nice guy, too. Once took about ten minutes or more and showed me how to FULLY disassemble my GLOCK and reassemble it! (I do it with every cleaning now.)

    So each time I go to the show, I stop at his booth and buy a part or two or three. So for my .40 GLOCKs, I have replacement recoil springs, extractor, slide stop, striker/spring, mag release...

    One question: can a person just buy a replacement barrel for a GLOCK (or other guns) without it being treated like a gun purchase? I mean, the GLOCKs have the serial number on the barrel block. Is it legal to just drop in another one? If you were ordering one from GLOCK, would they send you one with the same serial number as the original? Or would you have to send them the first one (eliminating the benefit of getting a backup)? Or would they send you a blank one?

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    It may be different state by state, but just looking at Midway's website there is nothing saying it needs sent to an FFL and you can just order a barrel from them
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    NYC, and probably a few places on the West Coast won't let you, but in most localities, its fine. Glock numbers everything because some countries (Germany is one) consider the barrel to be the regulated part, not the receiver. Glock has no trouble selling you a new barrel, and it will be numbered.

    One other little thought. Never sell or trade your original barrel. If, Heaven forbid, you ever had to use your weapon, it would look a bit strange if you have several barrels, and not the stock one on hand. "Have you shot someone we don't know about???"

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    Yeah, I keep lots of spare parts on hand for my important guns. I have never had an issue with needing an FFL for barrels, with the exception of Ruger .22's.
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    A Glock barrel is considered to be just another gun part.
    There are no restrictions on buying an aftermarket barrel for a Glock handgun.
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    Bear in mind some Glock replacement barrels are drop in and some require 'smithing. Factor that in when pricing them.

    As a rule the least I want as spares for any gun is a complete Wolff set of springs. Don't forget good tools too, no use having spare parts and no hollowground screwdrivers.

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    I too, am a gun part packrat

    I got stuff for pistols I no longer have (few).
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    I have some spare parts for shotguns, not handguns, figure I'll just use a different one while waiting parts, that is if I think I can fix it myself.

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    BTW, is this close enough to be a duplicate thread of this other started earlier?

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    Only bad thing about the springfield XD is the only spare part you can get is a guide rod, springs,barrel and striker retaining pins since you have to send them back to springfield armory to get them fixed.


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