Kimber Ultra CDP II?

Kimber Ultra CDP II?

This is a discussion on Kimber Ultra CDP II? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm considering buying a Kimber Ultra CDP II. Do you guys have any comments to help with my decision?...

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Thread: Kimber Ultra CDP II?

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    Kimber Ultra CDP II?

    I'm considering buying a Kimber Ultra CDP II. Do you guys have any comments to help with my decision?
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    It's my EDC...I love the gun...

    Buy it...

    Mine has never had a problem, it was right on, out of the box, and it is a well-made...smooth...custom gun...

    OMO...others may vary!

    Stay armed...with an Ultra...stay safe!

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    I really like mine. It carries well and is very controllable for a small .45.

    The only thing to watch out for is like all small 1911s in .45, the slide is cycling extremely fast. If your not careful with your grip, you can have some issues with failures to eject. Giving it a thorough break-in before depending on it is also a good idea.

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    Nice gun

    I have the 4 inch Kimber Pro CDP, which is similar to the 3 inch Ultra CDP you are considering. My Pro CDP has been excellent - reliable and accurate. I believe the Ultra version of the gun also has a good reputation.

    I recommend putting slim grips on the gun to reduce grip width by about 0.2 inches for easier concealment, and would invest in some Wilson Combat magazines for your gun, to replace the stock Kimber magazines. Unless you are left handed, I'd also replace the ambi safety with a conventional safety.

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    I've had my Ultra Carry II a few months now and couldn't be happier. No problems at all. Also put slim grips on mine.

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    I dont have the ultra, but I do have the Pro... its awesome! I think anybody would be happy with it.
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    Also my EDC. Never a second thought about it, just outstanding. Extremely accurate, reliable, and surprisingly comfortable to shoot for a short-barreled, lightweight pistol.

    Sticking to ammo with 230gr bullets, I usually practice with WWB FMJ, but I've not had any problems with quality JHP defensive ammunition. I'm currently loading Winchester Ranger SXT.

    I exclusively use Wilson Combat mags, 47DOX for the Ultra. I put on the thin base plate for the size advantage. I've also switched to the thinline Alumagrips, half-checkered, and am very pleased with them.

    Carry in a Tucker Answer IWB or Tucker HF1 OWB.

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    With the original Rosewood grips, alongside the HF1:

    With shed elk antler grips, in the Answer:

    With slimline Alumagrips:
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    Don't drop it, and you may wish to replace the MIM parts.

    Lima carries one, and so far so good, other than the drop damage.

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    Yes vote here for the Ultra CDP II. Just make sure you get one with the internal extractor. They do tend to need to be broken in though. 300-500 rounds.........

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    You might also consider the compact CDP, it has a 4" barrel with the short grip like the ultra. To me the grip is whats important in ccw and the bonus of a longer barrel and sight picture. Like POGO2 said toss the Kimber mag and get Wilson combat, the stock followers are known for playing hell on alloy frames and are less problematic.
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    As mentioned, I own the Ultra CDP in .45, however, mine is a series I, not II. 350+ rounds and not one single problem.. I'm doing a little customization on it (new slim-line grips, grip screw bushings, and sights, right now it's at the smith getting a new thumb safety fitted, and next is coming a new main spring housing).

    I love the gun and can't wait to get it back from the smith and try out the new grips!

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