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The Fightin' Revolver: Is it dying a slow death?

This is a discussion on The Fightin' Revolver: Is it dying a slow death? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What are we going to lose next? The bolt action rifle? Quite possibly - it is after all a mean and nasty ''sniper rifle'' - ...

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Thread: The Fightin' Revolver: Is it dying a slow death?

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    What are we going to lose next? The bolt action rifle?
    Quite possibly - it is after all a mean and nasty ''sniper rifle'' -

    Well, add a ''scope'' and who knows - ''long range''... ''high velocity'' - ''superior killing power''. Yep - Brady and Co will have that on the list! Soon.
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    In this month’s American Rifleman they pointed out that the VPC is calling for a ban on “intermediate sniper rifles” which they define as .30 caliber. If we let them get away with banning the .50 caliber, our “intermediate” rifles will be next.
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    Bolt Action? Well, there is the Remington XP100...

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    I admit I still like my old wheel guns. I carried a Model 57 on duty and a custom Model 57 off duty and a model 60 as a back up till 1994. In 1989 I was ordered to get certified with a semi auto but can carry what I wanted. So I went out and bought a Delta Elite 10mm and even carried it on duty a few times. I shot my wheel guns better. When I left LE I still carried a wheel gun till about 5 years ago.For me to trust an auto loader it has to shoot at least 3000 rounds with out any malfs before I carry it.So far there has been a few that have passed that test. They were mt Delta Elite,Kahr E-9,Ed Brown Kobra Carry. I am working with a Para Carry right now it went 1800 rounds and coughed and I changed the recoil spring and so far it has 2500 more thru it and is going good(knock wood). On all my autos the recoil springs are changed at 1000 rounds after they do the 3000 round testing.But I still have my model 60 carried as my back up.
    Smith & Wesson IMHO screwed the pooch with the lock set up and I won't even look at a new S&W. Colt made some really good ones but the law suit craze has them selling to LE and military so I won't even consider anything they have. Ruger are built like tanks and are great but for how much longer.
    I see the writing on the wall when it comes to my favorite handguns. Today there are alot of people who have never even shot a wheel gun and I guess they will never know whats its like to see a well bult gun with some style all its own.
    Sorry for being long winded but I'm slow when it comes to change but like they say thats progress at work.

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    Smile Old Smiths

    I agree that the semis are the smart choice for most carry situations, but for just great fun, I prefer the older wheel guns for range time. It is harder to find a really well made (new) revolver these days, and that is not likely to change. There are still loads of the older Smiths at the gun shows, pawn shops, and estate sales that can be had at very reasonable prices, and the quality is much much better than anything currently made. Any Smith made prior to 1980 is top notch. Any weapon NRA "Fine" or better is a keeper. As for finish, bluing, or the lack of ,is of little concern - I consider it "character" if the weapon shows finish wear. Shoot the heck out of them - they'll be around for a long time.

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    I agree with you guys.......Older wheelies are here to stay!! I don't even look at a new Smith, due to all that lock stuff on it. Makes me feel like it's getting to PC. The older guns have a lotta charactor to them....The semis were brought out due to all the Gang-Bangers carrying uzis and such, so that the LEO's could have a fighting chance against em. Gotta admit, there's nothing mor impressive than drawing out a 4 to 6 inch K,L,or N Frame or a Redhawk, Python, that would make somebody think twice. I know I would

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    The wheel gun will always have a place in the armamentarium. The popularity of models and cartridges will come and go, but the place of the revolver as an ultimately reliable, durable and acurate design with permutations in size and caliber sufficient to satisfy a spectrum of needs is assured. Fear not. The revolver will outlast us all.
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