Range Report...Your Thoughts?

Range Report...Your Thoughts?

This is a discussion on Range Report...Your Thoughts? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took the kids to the range today for a little exercise and was happy with the results from one, not so much with the ...

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Thread: Range Report...Your Thoughts?

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    Range Report...Your Thoughts?

    I took the kids to the range today for a little exercise and was happy with the results from one, not so much with the other. Today was my first range trip with my new XD40sc since I've had the Trijicon sights on it. Although the group was centered for the most part it was very low, as you can see in the picture (the group below the black marker line). When I brought out the 1911 I was shooting pretty well on target (above the black line), which makes me wonder if I'm pulling the shots down or if there is something off with the sights. Although I don't have a picture of the second target as it got shot to swiss cheese, I did try putting the front sight dot even with the top of the rear sight, instead of lining the dots up, which did bring the group up to the center of the target. If I am pulling shots down with the XD, why wouldn't I be doing it with the 1911? My best guess is the the short barreled XD has noticeably more muzzle flip than the 1911 and I'm subconsciously trying to counter that by pulling down as I'm squeezing off a round, what do guys think?. I haven't tried a FTF drill, which would tell me if I'm pulling the shot down, I guess I'll have to do that next time. Thanks for your input.

    On a totally different subject, where's a good place to get silhouette targets online? I can't find any locally and I prefer them over regular round targets.
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    Loading a mag with a snap cap somewhere in the middle would show a pushing issue.
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    yeah rocky,

    it's how i mostly cured my flinching with my USPc in 40.... noticed I pulled everything low... and that I flinched when I hit a snap cap in the mag...

    Took some time, but I got through it. (course, I did replace the sites on it too... with a taller front site)

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    +1 on the snap caps. Another thing you could do would be to shoot it off a rest, which would give you a better idea of where the sights line up.

    As for targets, I've heard some good stuff about letargets.com (I haven't bought anything there yet, so this isn't firsthand experience).

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    I get most of my supplies through Midway USA. Here's a link to their paper targets - http://www.midwayusa.com/ebrowse.exe...=655***7234***

    Seems to be roughly $.50 a piece for B-27 silhouettes in the 100 pack, cheaper if you have a C&R.

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