Heinie sights

Heinie sights

This is a discussion on Heinie sights within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a Taurus PT1911. They come standard with Heinie straight eight sights. After putting about 500 rounds through I'm not crazy about this type ...

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Thread: Heinie sights

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    Heinie sights

    I carry a Taurus PT1911. They come standard with Heinie straight eight sights. After putting about 500 rounds through I'm not crazy about this type of sight.

    At distances over 25 feet or so I might as well be throwing rocks. I don't have this problem with my Bersa .380. That little pistol is accurate for as far as my eyes can see.

    Can you give me some recomendations on after market sights?

    I love the gun but the sights need to go.

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    The Heine take just a bit of getting used to. Line up the back dot directly under the front dot and sight in on the center of your target instead of 6 oclock. You might find that you like the Heine sights. I did.
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    I just picked mine up today and was wondering if I'm gonna like those sights. Hopin to give them a try this weekend.
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    fill in the front dot with a highly visible color it works for me on my PT1911, old eyes need help now and then.
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    I had one and loved the sights because they were two-dots. I've heard the sights are not standard Heine dovetails since they are made by Taurus under license and replacement sights require some fitting.
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    I have always wondered how those sights 'felt' to shoot.

    For night sights in standard configurations I like Meprolights. I'm not sure if they make something for that model or not. I have Wilson Combat night sights on my 1911 Commander. They are not nearly as bright as the green mepro's in my opinion though, and the circles are smaller. I dont have any experience with any other sights except Trijicon, the light circles were also smaller in diameter, and just didnt seem as bright to me.
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    Shoot it rested before you switch anything, so as to insure that it's not the gun.

    If you do end up switching it, just switch the rear. I really like the Hilton Yam 10-8 sight and the very similar Yo-Bo. I cannot stand any kind of glowie dots in the rear.
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