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Quick Poll: Semi-Auto/Revolver?

This is a discussion on Quick Poll: Semi-Auto/Revolver? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a revolver 99% of the time. When circumstances dictate, I'll carry a bottomfeeder. Dave...

View Poll Results: Revolver/Semi-auto : Which Do you Carry?

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  • I prefer a semi-auto

    209 81.96%
  • I prefer a revolver

    46 18.04%
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Thread: Quick Poll: Semi-Auto/Revolver?

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    I carry a revolver 99% of the time. When circumstances dictate, I'll carry a bottomfeeder.

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    Aug 2006
    I usually carry a wheelie, and use one as primary HD for the wife at home.

    They are both stainless, and don't have mag springs and stuff that can wear from being loaded for long periods of time. They aren't prone to malfunction regardless of ammo, and a missfire just means pull the trigger and a new round is brought to battery.

    That being said, if I were in an environment where the likelyhood of shootouts was high, such as combat deployment, I'd want a 1911.

    For everyday civilian personal defensive protection, I don't feel underprotected with a snubby and some good 38 Special +p ammo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    I voted prefer a semi~auto but, carry a wheel gun occasionally and do not feel unprotected with a good revolver strapped on.
    +1 feel the same way

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    Like that capacity and the easy trigger pull of the semi-auto. Being able to shoot from the coat pocket and the utter reliability of the wheelgun is attractive too though. Voted SA.
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    I don't even own a revolver although I have been thinking about getting one or two. I dont think I would carry them though...
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    I trade off.

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    I too have both wheelguns and bottom feeders.

    Variety is the spice of life.
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    I have roughly twice as many revolvers as I do semi's. I think they are cooler and look nicer and other things like that.

    However, I carry a semi.
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    I prefer semi-autos for carry. I only have one revolver, and I think a single action .45 with a 5" barrel would be a little hard to carry anyway. Fun to shoot, though.

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    Central Iowa
    I prefer autos, but revolvers still have their place in CC. I think everyone should have one, just to be familiar with them.

    To date, I only have one revolver, my Smith 642, but I eventually want a 4" Ruger GP100.

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    Jun 2006
    I will only carry semi auto. I only own one revolver and it is a cowboy style.
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    Semi auto fan here. But I have been known to carry a small framed revolver from time to time when the situation dictates it.
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    I initially figured that 90% would go for the semi-auto. For a while it looked as if about 3/4 of voters were choosing the semi-auto but now the margin is creeping to 82%

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    NC coast
    I am one of those older guys who has shot revolvers more, and those were the guns my family and friends had in most cases.
    That being said, my dad carried a Colt 32 ACP with him while serving as Ship's surgeon in the late 20's and early 30's. He was on a combination passenger/cargo vessel that traveled worldwide. He taught me how to shoot it when I was fairly young and I don't remember any type of problem with it. In fact, not long before dad's death in '94, he had shot a dozen or so rounds with it, as he liked to do once in a while and to my knowledge, it had always been loaded all those years, with the same magazine, and had never been repaired or needed anything other than cleaning. I'd say that was a pretty good gun.

    Just thought that story might be interesting. Yes, as my dad, I carry a semi-auto, a Glock 36 most of the time, but often carry a snubby in certain situations. While it has fewer rounds than some others, it is thinner, and carries comfortably.


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    I primarily carry an auto but will drop the j-frame in my pocket or ankle holster at times when I need deeper concealment than the 1911. Both those guns are about to get bumped in their carry roles though: The 1911 by a G19 and the j-frame by a PPK. I'm beginning to prefer/need a lighter weight primary weapon and for a BUG the PPK, while less effective in caliber, carries two rounds more than my 642 and reloads are MUCH faster for me. It's also a flatter profile and, let's face it, those PPKs are high in cool factor.

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