Not Your Average SUV

Not Your Average SUV

This is a discussion on Not Your Average SUV within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I came across this today and thought that it makes the perfect Concealed Carry System for urban blight. It's a video of a new SUV ...

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Thread: Not Your Average SUV

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    Not Your Average SUV

    I came across this today and thought that it makes the perfect Concealed Carry System for urban blight. It's a video of a new SUV product being produced.

    I'd be interested in your comments on this vehicle. It definently looks like it would be a hoot to own.
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    Oh yeah! That'd be a double Hoot! Let's see, with some minor modifications, you could program it in a "Guard" mode so you could go to the mall or shopping center, do you shopping and have it "cover" your butt to and from the parking lot.
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    I've seen that vehicle before, and have to admit I've thought about it while in DC traffic!

    Brings a whole new meaning to concealed carry!!

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    While the pop up mount is cool, I'd like to see a pop up turret, with some light protection for the gun system. I didn't see any mention of armor for the truck?
    While the 50 is cool, and the static long range fire is nifty, I really see this as a Bahgdad contractor escort vehicle, with rapid popup 7.62 minigun/40mm laucher combo mounted, (for quick ambush nullification), good level 5 armor, run flats, and chem dispensers.
    Neat o - I want one.
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    Now THAT would be fun to play around with!
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    I want one. I wonder if this is a modification I can order as an accessory in my Sportsmobile?
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    The Regular Folks Version ???

    Sadly,The Ordinary People Version....only fires Nerf Balls. who can buy one of those? You hafta be a diplomat or...own your own country or island?
    If you have a regular ClassIII license then you can pay a transfer tax & buy one?
    Just wondering.

    The end of "Road Rage" as we know it?
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    Now I NEED to get me one of those! Too bad I'm in the poor house! I can thank my C&R FFL for that!
    Semper Fi

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