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Have you noticed this about guns...

This is a discussion on Have you noticed this about guns... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Still very new to carry, only a year now, but I have done a lot of shooting. I joined a league where we tactical shoot ...

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Thread: Have you noticed this about guns...

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    Still very new to carry, only a year now, but I have done a lot of shooting. I joined a league where we tactical shoot evry week. I started with an XD-40. It is a good gun, just top heavy. Then tried my Kimber custom II, great gun very accurate, love it. However, I have found for me a g19 has turned out to be the best carry gun I own. I fought the whole Glock thing for a long time, but now I embrace it.
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    You bring up a very good point. Most gun owners do tend to fall into 3 or 4 main groups.

    There's what I call the gun "snob" who buys a gun because of it's name or price - if it doesn't cost at least four figures, it's "cheap" or it's the gun currently on the cover of G&A. You see a lot of these people buying a Mercedes or BMW for the same reason. Not because the product is good - which it usually is - but because it makes a statement or is the flavor of the month.

    There's the guy who buys a gun because it's the newest model on the block and comes with the latest, popular bells and whistles. These may not be the most expensive weapons out there, in fact they are usually in the middle-of-the-road price range, but are usually the gun with the newest gimmic and (sometimes to the regret of the owner since the bugs aren't always worked out ) technology.

    There's the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" guy. He figures if a gun has worked for 50-100 years, it must be doing something right, so don't mess with it. These are frequently 1911 and revolver owners.

    Finally, there's the person who looks at a gun like a tool, the same as his hammer or power drill. It's made to do a job and he usually gets the tool that does the best job at the best possible price. This group can be something of a problem to pidgen hole since price is frequently a big cosideration, but not always the #1 reason to buy a certain weapon. The same way there are $10 hammers and $100 hammers, there are $200 guns and there are $2,000+ guns. Some people may consider a SIG, HK or Kimber their minimum "tool" of choice while others are happy with a Kel-Tec, Bersa or Ruger. The latter group may not be considered expensive or particulary inovative, but they are known for going bang when the trigger is pulled and doing the job they were designed.

    Now, which group do I belong to? Since I own guns that fall into all the above, I guess you could say I fall into a 5th group... the group that buys what they want. Price is a consideration, but I also feel form follows function, that if something works well there must be a reason why and change just for the sake of change isn't always a good thing. However, because something has worked well in the past (like JMB's original 1911) doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement! Finally, after many years and many guns, I've also learned that price is frequently a good indicator of value, but don't confuse a "cheap" gun with an innexpensive one. I've owned $1,000+ big name lemons and I've also owned gems (Bersa's Thunder 380 pistol is a good example) that are as good as guns three or four times the price.
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    I have carried on and off for almost 16 years (I think I stated my first carry at 17 years ago on another thread... oops) but have only recently decided to carry 24/7.
    My carry choice has evolved through the years.
    I started with my Lamma 1911, Went through a pocket carry phase with Charter Arms .25 then opted for my Walther ppks .380.
    After I decided to make it a way of life, I researched extensively and fired everything I could get my hands on. The Glocks all felt like bricks and the muzzle flip was intolerable. I found the XD's top heavy. I really liked the Kahr PMs and the S&W M&Ps. When I saw the Keltec P32 it was love at first sight. Had to have one. Then the M&Pcs came around and I found my true luv in .40 cal
    Now the M&P40c is my primary. The P32 is my BUG (sometimes sole carry) I rarely carry anything else.
    OOPs! forgot about my Triad light or Ultrafire Cree C2 and my S&W Homeland Security lock back and/or Kershaw Ken Onion Chive.
    I always have one or both pistols and a spare mag or three. I usually have one of the flashlights and one or both knives.

    What kind of personalty is this indicative of (other than a paranoid militant hardnose)
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    I'm not sure I could agree that certain types pick certain guns but then again... I have noticed a lot of 1911's among the older crowd!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I'm not sure I could agree that certain types pick certain guns but then again... I have noticed a lot of 1911's among the older crowd!
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    Quote Originally Posted by purple88yj View Post
    I have noticed (may just be my mind) that Glock guys are typically knife guys, and 1911 style guys are flashlight guys.......
    That explains a lot! I carry 1911s & Glocks regularly......I also always carry a couple of knives & 1 or 2 lights.......
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    Ok, I'll admit it. I carry an XD because I thought XD stood for X-tra Dense. Thats me alright!
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    What? You guys are telling SIXTO that this is a great thread?
    Please don't encourage him.
    And that Glock guys are typically knife guys, and 1911 style guys are flashlight guys.

    SIXTO you have some defining to do before I bite and participate in this thread.

    What is a "professional type pistol?"

    What are "fancy name" firearms?

    I see very few of our forum members "looking down" on other forum members because of their selected choice or preference of carry firearm.

    Define "Bells & Whistles" guys.

    Just on the remote change that you guys are referring to all of the customization that takes place with the Colt 1911 - there is (believe it or not) a method to that madness.

    Many more "modern" design handguns are furnished with features "stock out of the box" that are not available "box stock" on say a Series 70 Colt.

    So by adding custom sights/ night sights - or an opened up magazine well - or a checkered front strap or a beaver-tail to prevent hammer bite...these are not really "Bells or Whistles" and they are not modifications that affect functional reliability at all.

    I consider taking a Stock Colt which starts out (right out of the box) as a Superior "base" firearm and then tailoring that firearm to my exact want and need as a carry firearm not to be adding Bells & Whistles just for the sake of adding parts.

    In other words many other firearms already have a flared magazine well or a textured polymer grip or night sights or whatever as standard. It's just that there are other things about such a pistol that I can't tolerate such as a long, heavy, DA trigger pull or a boxy, fat, grip feel.
    It's just that MANY of those other firearms either do not have all of the necessary features that a seasoned shooter needs/wants OR the basic pistol does not have the perfect grip angle - perfect balance - or perfect point-ability - ease of total disassembly - or the CRISP clean breaking trigger of the Colt 1911 firearm.

    I'll just speak for myself when I clarify this.
    I think that the Colt 1911 (specifically the Colt Commander) is better than the majority of other firearms "out there" and that would be WITHOUT any "Bells & Whistles" on it. As far as (the most important base features) that I am wanting in a serious personal defense firearm.
    That would be flawless point-ability, a perfect grip angle, and a crisp, short, single action trigger. Plus it's inherent rugged reliability and large bore.

    OK now...whatever I ADD to that ~ such as better working & more visible sights - a flared magazine well - a shorter trigger - a differently configured grip safety (whatever) only serve to enhance what is already the perfect base pistol for me.

    Naturally, having custom work done is not cheap. And buying a "pre-enhanced" Colt Pattern pistol is also not cheap...because the work is labor intensive.
    So yes, you could say that the long time more experienced shooters know exactly what they want in a self defense handgun and are willing to spend extra money to get exactly what they want.

    Are "SOME" of the add ons a bit on the frivolous side...??? - I guess so but, basically the COLT Guys want a Colt or Quality Colt Clone to start with because they trust it and love it and then things tend to "take off" from that point.

    For me...if there was No Such Thing as a "custom part" or "custom modifications" available for the Colt Combat Commander.
    In other words if "Bells & Whistles" did not exist for Colt pistols.
    I would STILL choose the Colt as my preferred Daily Carry over nearly every other handgun out there.

    Though admittedly I DO like the SIG pistols & some handguns available from H&K and others.
    As a BASIC defensive handgun the Colt already suits my needs and wants more than any other handgun.
    So (of course) it's possible to spend 2K or more on a full blown custom 1911 pattern pistol but, if a person is not spending your money...why would you care.

    I certainly don't thumb my nose at any pistol that anybody wants to carry and I don't "look down" on any person for packing whatever they like best.
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    I've noticed that most of the people I know in the 21-35yr old bracket are not happy unless thier gun holds 13+ rounds(the more the better) while alot of the 36- 40yr olds are happy either way. From 40 on up capacity doesnt seem to be an issue. Also in those same age brackets 21-35 carry 9mm or .40. 36-40 carry 9mm, .45, .38/.357(snubbies). 40 and up, 9mm and .38/.357. Obviously there is variences but this is generally my expierience locally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I'm not sure I could agree that certain types pick certain guns but then again... I have noticed a lot of 1911's among the older crowd!

    Who you callin' old Junior? Besides .... Chris carries a Sig!

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    MY MY.... quite a topic. I'm a basic guy... 1911 for me and a revolver for my wife. But I AM bringing her into the modern age and getting her a S/A EMP. Yes we like small CCW's.
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    I had not noticed much about the guns; however, I have noticed
    that the category of holster { IWB OWB TYPE } and comments about them, seem to indicate how bad the responder considers himself. Fanny pac/vest = wimp etc.

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    For me, basic=pull the trigger and gun goes BOOM...unfortunately for me, I started on the relatively high end with a SIG...

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    Interesting thread. I am 57 and have had the ccw for just a couple months. I'm currently carrying my .380 bersa in the watch pocket of my jeans, canted forward. Hides well that way. There is one in the chamber and the safety is on.

    As soon as I can acquire an inside the belt DeSantis or something similar I want to start carrying my Kahr CW9. I would be comfortable carrying one in the chamber in the Kahr if the gun is in the holster but not otherwise. Of course the Kahr is DAO. I like the .380 but feel the round is too small. 9mm is fine IMO.

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    If its concealed carry, who is going to know what you have? For myself, I prefer something light, small, but able to do the job if neccessary. However, if someone feels comfortable toting a cannon, then go for it.

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