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Have you noticed this about guns...

This is a discussion on Have you noticed this about guns... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I'm at a gun show wearing my HK USPc, I'm some kind of snob, especially an anti-Glock snob. If I've got my S&W 640, ...

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Thread: Have you noticed this about guns...

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    If I'm at a gun show wearing my HK USPc, I'm some kind of snob, especially an anti-Glock snob.

    If I've got my S&W 640, I'm the little missy whose hubby bought the gun for me. You keep that in your purse, sweetie?

    Both cause me to roll my eyes.

    On the other hand, I know one fellow whose gun choices perfectly reflect his life. He'll on a whim carry a Beretta Minx, a Cop (that four-barreled .357) without having fired it at the range, carry a different gun every other day, often trading them as soon as he gets them, and so on, with no rhyme or reason. It's no surprise he's getting divorced because he's bored with his wife and children.
    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    I'm late to this thread, I've been traveling but I'll play now.

    I carry either a snubnose .357 (which I carry .38's in) or a .380 Makarov. I carry both of these because they work for me and work well.

    I do not have a flashlight nor laser attached to a single firearm that I own. I can not see that a flashlight attachment to a CCW piece being anything but a snag machine. And since I'm not going to be clearing houses or open carrying or doing things that cops and soliders do, I don't see how I need these things.

    Now CG grips could be useful, and I might get some in a few years. I like 9mm and .357/.38 because I do, no other reason. If I lived in Alaska and the possibility of being eaten by a bear was very real, I'd carry the biggest handgun I could shot without breaking my wirsts

    But here in Alabama I am more concerned about were my holes are than how big they are.
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    These sort of threads always crack me up, because sooner or later they turn to the why carry a $2000 pistol sort of thing.

    I carry a slightly modified Baer Stinger which has aftermarket grips, and some sight work done. Itís just shy of the oft maligned $2K mark that is so often thrown around. Not that it matters, but Iíll take a couple minutes to explain why I choose to carry it.

    Iíve owned and shot 1911s since I was an enlisted MP back in 1978, my first 13 years in the Army was spent with 1911s. I now average right around 12K through them a year between practicing and matches. Itís gotten to the point where I shoot them pretty well and pretty fast, I donít know if Iíd call it point shooting or not, but within 7 yards thereís not a lot of aiming going on, there doesnít need to be. More importantly itís gotten to the point when other pistols feel alien to me. I cannot shoot other makes/models as well without significant practice and itís unlikely that Iíve got another 29 years to learn another platform as well, so I stick to what I know, limited capacity and all.

    That pretty much explains the 1911, now as to the Baer. After owning 7 other 1911s which I ended up spending quite a bit of money and time on, I wanted one ready to go out of the box. If you look at the custom Ė semi-custom 1911 market youíll see that Baerís are actually in the lower end price wise. I bought my first strictly as a range/IDPA gun. When I ordered my Stinger, the 5Ē Baer had crossed the 8,000 round mark without a hiccup; itís got 15K through it now. So I was sold on Baerís and 1911s. The Stinger now has close to 5K through it and has never bobbled. The guns just run, so to me itís worth the extra to increase the odds that I wonít have to screw around with a gun that might not perform (notice all the problem 1911 threads?). Note, I said increase the odds, everyone can put out a bad one.

    A final note, then Iím off the soapbox, and this is usually the crux of these type threads. Never try to guess another guys level of discretionary income or what is ďworth itĒ to the next guy. My idea of an expensive gun is some other guyís idea of fairly cheap. To me Baer's are reasonable, Brown's are expensive

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    This is interesting timing for me, as I have been attempting to shake things up in my small pistol collection. I have a Para Ord LDA CCW, a Glock 26, and KT P11.

    I have found that the Glock is the perfect CC gun (for me). Its somewhat high cap for its size, it shoots straight, never jammed once, and doesn't seem to give a lick about ammo or whether its clean or not.

    The 1911 has had many FTF problems that I need to figure out how to resolve, but I don't have the time. So tried to sell it.... but I just couldn't. I just love the platform, the caliber, the trigger, the rosewood grips, everything. It's like a Rolex, where the Glock is a Timex (and no offense to Glock, I like Timex). The Glock gets carried way more often then the Para, but but she's still a member of the family and comes out for the range, BBQ's and camping trips.

    The kel tec, well, its a good gun for the price. But I am selling it to contribute funds for a Kahr MK9.

    So I have tried to be the 'guns are tools' guy, as that is the most logical approach. But I just can't do it... I want a lever action rifle because... well, because I do! When my wife asks, 'why do you want a revolver?' I'll say 'because I have all semi autos, I need to add a revolver to balance things out'.

    "When among wild beasts, if they menace you, be a wild beast."
    -Herman Melville

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    I wanna play too! I am a collector at heart. I enjoy owning all types of firearms. Old rifles, shotguns and pistols. I like to shoot. Ownership makes me proud.

    As for my carry guns. I'm still looking for the grail. I wear dress clothes daily and I have to hide anything I carry. I like my bersa and my usp compact in 9mm. I have small hands. I want guns that work. I like hk's because I have always had great luck with them. I also like Sigs for the same reason. I'm not a snob about it.Remember I also own a SKYY. LOL

    People usually have the same traits and thoughts regardless of the type of item. For example.. I love watches. Especially automatics. I've owned supposedly the "best". Now I wear a very inexpensive Tissot Seastar. Why ...because it does the job and didn't cost 5k. It doesn't get the same attention the big name watch did but i'm not in it for that. So I guess I'm more of the "if it ain't broke" type of guy.
    "When you reload in low light encounters, don't put your flashlight in
    your back pocket.. If you light yourself up, you'll look like an angel
    or the tooth fairy...and you're gonna be one of 'em pretty soon."

    Clint Smith

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    I added one thing to my faithful CZ-PO1 - Crimson Trace lasergrips. I trust this sidearm with me life, and my families' lives. It has been 100% for me.

    But, alternatively, I am looking at getting a holster/speedloader setup for this master blaster, for CCW.

    I don't feel underarmed with a 6 shot 38, especially when this is what it can do.

    PS, target shot double action standing. I can get 3 inch groups double action with the 158+P defensive ammo at 25 yards.

    So what does that make me? Confused? Probably - today is my 40th birthday. Donations are being accepted in lieu of flowers...
    If total government control equals safety, why are prisons so dangerous?

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    There's some great statements and good interaction in this thread.

    "I can barely tolerate the M1911 and I positively will not own a High Power.

    I'll take a modern, striker fired DAO pistol over those two any day."

    Well, Smith& Wessonfan; at least you and I agree on the revolvers, hah.

    PAPACHUCK may have the best approach with his "I like guns".

    SgtD's essay on "taking out the trash" makes good sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeignDude View Post
    OK, OK... Let's work backwards. Instead of going forward from the gun nut to the gun, I want to know what you think my choice of guns says about my personality.

    I currently own an FNP-9 and have just bought a CZ-P01.

    I am also drawn to the following: Glock 19 (you all know what it looks like), an AK variant (ditto), and the FN Self-Loading Police Shotgun.

    So, what's your take?
    You have chosen well, Grasshopper. Now, when you can snatch this empty shell case from my hand....
    "... Americans... we want a safe home, to keep the money we make and shoot bad guys." -- Denny Crane

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    I have no idea what catagory I fall into. I carry any one of three weapons. I carry a Glock 17. Its big and bulky but I can depend on it because its a straight shooter no matter what I put in it. The same goes for my Taurus PT945. As much as I hear bad things said about Taurus guns, I have never own a bad one. I call it my dress gun because it has a little glitter to it like rosewood grips and gold trim on a stainless steel gun. I know a lot of people would not like this because they think its pimp. Well this weapon shoots great with great grouping no matter what I put in it. It will really surprise you how good this weapon is for what I paid for it. For my summer carry its a Bersa Thunder 380. What else can I say about the Bersa. Dollar for dollar you can't beat it. So at turning 53 around the corner what catagory do I fall into.

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    I carry Kahr pistol(s) because they are light weight, thin, and reasonably accurate with a small formfactor . No tac rails , no extended dohickys , just plain jane working pistols . I just picked up a p7 h$k because of its reputation of accuracy , some compare it to the sig p210 . again no tac rails ect. You wont find lazers ect on any of my defensive arms tho i confess to having a red dot on my ar lol .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

    Criminals are looking for victims, not opponents.

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    Its no secret that I feel that lasers and other like gizmos are a crutch. To me, those with them on their defensive pistol need more range time.
    I know, I know... I just opened up a can of worms. Remember that this thread is about our perceptions.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    One subset left out was 30's w/ kids/ family. I buy what/ when I can afford, considering family budget. I have to do lots of research before purchasing because I can't afford not to like it and buy another. 1-2k for a gun vs. kids college fund isn't a hard decision. That's why I'm looking Keltec over Kahr for pocket carry. I have better pre-child guns but new acquisitions are much harder to justify, esp. when needed staples are skyrocketing (think gas +$3 gal or Milk at $3.50 a gal, etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by papachuck
    I just like guns.

    I like BUYING guns. I like looking at guns. I like holding and caressing guns. I like cheap guns. I like expensive guns. I like guns that work. I like to work on guns. I like little guns. I like big guns. I like pistols. I like rifles. I like shotguns. I like black guns. I like shiney guns. I like green guns. I like old guns. I like new guns. I like my guns. I like your guns.

    I like ALL guns!

    Thank You!
    Being on the downhill side of 40, I always appreciate being called a 21 year old punk! Although I never considered the M&Ps (or the Glocks) as "Tacticool"
    I know the gangbanger reputation of the Glock but in personal experience I have found that GBers tend toward cheap crap chrome "Charters" in .25 or .32, the HiPoints may be the new charter. (I'm almost ashamed to admit that I still have a Charter Arms .25 semi.)

    I went with my M&P because of it's simplicity. No mag safety, no internal lock, DAO striker fired...
    Price was definitely an issue!
    The ease of maintenance and Reputation of S&W, an American owned (again)Co. were also deciding factors.

    I do tend to want the newest, flashiest , high tech, etc. in almost every other item that I buy. But for my hand guns I want simplicity and reliability

    I realize that a good revolver is the ultimate in simple and reliable but they have never felt good in my hand.
    The best things in life are not free.
    They are paid for with the blood of brave men and women!
    M&P Forum
    Ohioans For Concealed Carry

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    SIXTO - Obviously Not Everybody Agrees With Your Perception Concerning Laser Sights being a gimmick for people that need more range time.

    Crimson Trace is proud to support our troops and to be part of the action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    With tens of thousands of Lasergrips in service and more being shipped every day, Crimson Trace lasers are proving to be invaluable assets in the war on terrorism.

    Crimson Trace lasers for the Beretta M9 are listed as D.O., or “Vital to National Defense” by the U.S. government, which means that Crimson Trace has been ordered to immediately fill all military orders. Nothing else can take priority.

    Several Lasergrip models have National Stocking Numbers (NSN) to allow purchasing by U.S. Military and NATO forces.

    Crimson Trace lasers are in use by all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces — and the results are impressive.
    Not only are Lasergrips standing up to the rigors of war, but more importantly, they’re saving lives.

    The 313th Military Police Detachment (313th MP Det.) from Las Vegas, NV shows its support for Crimson Trace Lasergrips from Operation Enduring Freedom.

    Under close-quarter combat conditions, Lasergrips saved the exchange of gunfire and innocent lives many, many times.
    Once the laser marked its target, the look on their faces was priceless.”
    Soldier in Iraq with the 304th Military Police Bn.

    Note: Several Lasergrip models have National Stocking Numbers (NSN) to allow purchasing by U.S. Military and NATO forces.
    Military customers can call us at (800) 442-2406 or email us for order information and pricing.

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    I think I fit a mold nearly perfectly. I carry a 1911 becuase of the nostalgia as much as anything else, but I honestly like to shoot it more than any other gun I've owned (Kahr, Sig 229, Colt King Cobra, Dan Wesson revolver) or those I've shot (a slew of them, including the plethora of black guns with no personality).

    I also hunt elk with a single shot and recently purchased a nice break-action shotgun and have been hankering for a .41 mag revolver. I drive a 15-year old Jeep that I love and wish America would take an hour to read the constitution. Yeah, I'm a classicalist/fundamentalist. And I turn 32 later this summer.

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