Picked up my M&P 9c...

Picked up my M&P 9c...

This is a discussion on Picked up my M&P 9c... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went and picked up my M&P 9c from Gander Mountain last week. All I can say is that I like this gun even better ...

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Thread: Picked up my M&P 9c...

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    Picked up my M&P 9c...

    I went and picked up my M&P 9c from Gander Mountain last week. All I can say is that I like this gun even better now than I did in the store. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to get to the range with all the working I've been doing, but that should be coming up shortly and I'll be sure to post the results of that.

    However, I have been tooling around with it at the house and I can tell it's going to make a fine carry piece once I get a holster for it. I am able to fit it into an el cheapo holster I have for my Walther P22, but the weight of the 9c is a bit more significant than the P22, so the holster sags a bit. I won't carry it like this, so I'll have to find a holster designed for the 9c. Anyway, first impressions:

    The M&P 9c is just about the perfect size for a summer carry gun (for me, anyway.) Total size is slightly more than the Taurus 605 I've been carrying, but the weight is just about the same, with the M&P perhaps a few grams heavier (massier, to be precise). The width of the grip is not obtrusive even with a 12-round double stack, which is a good thing with my stubby little fingers. Not much wider than my 5" 1911, but more "square." Grip angle is just about perfect, almost identical to the 1911. Highly pointable. The interchangable backstraps are a nice option. I settled on the small backstrap - the largest one felt like a grapefruit in my hand. I got the standard 3-dot sights, and they are pretty decent. I may upgrade in the future to night sights or perhaps the fiber front sight, but the standard sights are perfectly serviceable and offer a fine sight picture. Takedown is very easy on this pistol - simply lock the slide back, disengage the sear lever, rotate the slide release, and pull the slide off. The frame has partial rails rather than full rails, but that doesn't matter much to me. The hinged trigger safety is, to me, preferable to Glock's fanky double trigger and gives a very natural trigger feel. I don't really even notice the action of the safety unless I'm trying to, which is exactly what I wanted.

    All in all, I'm pleased with the purchase so far, but the range report will be the deciding factor before I can officially jump for joy. I plan on running 500+ rounds through the little gun to ensure its reliability.

    Side note... while I was at Gander Mountain picking up the M&P, I made the mistake of looking around and spotted a nearly new Para C 7 .45 in the case for $500. Guess what I put on layaway there?

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    Good job on the M&P. I have the compact 9 and 40. I have ordered the Comp-Tac 2'oclock appendix tuckable holster. There are actually allot of holsters out there for them. I posted a range report about the full-size 9mm. You will love the m&p shooting also, it is a dream. Not too snappy, and will recover on target for that follow up shot too.
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    I was about halfway through paying off my G19 when I first handled the M&P 9c at my favorite shop. It was really tempted to swap them out but I decided to stick with the Glock since I already had leather on order for it and spare mags in my drawer.

    Overall I think they're excellent guns and a great option for folks who want a lightweight polymer but don't care for the Glock design. I'll be watching for your range report.
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    Good choice on the M&P. I picked up an M&P9c for myself a couple of weeks ago. $399 at Bud's Gun Shop was hard to pass up, especially when you add in the 2 free magazine and range bag promotions currently running. Right now I have a CTAC for it but haven't had a chance to put enough rounds through it for it to be my carry gun yet.

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    You mentioned that you also had a M&P 40C. I just bought one and put 50 rounds through it and find that it shoots better than my G23 and it has a much better feel and sights far better the the G23. Do you have any other update and which holster did you go with for CC?

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    Very nice. I just sold one of these to a young man very recently. He was a little torn up as to wether he should have gotten a Glock instead, but after some time at the range he saw he made a good decision.

    I'm sure you will love it.

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    Enjoy the M&P, our department switched over to the M&P 40 and I must say I really like the weapon. Very accurate and the night sights are great.
    So far all comments I have heard have been positive.

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    Congrats on the new M+P.

    I was loaned a full size M+P 9mm that had a trigger job done on it and some stippling on the grip. Having put 200 rds downrange in training a Florida police dept two weeks ago, it ran great, shot great and felt very nice in the hand.

    I'm seriously considering getting the full size 9mm like I shot. The kicker is this----I am a dyed in the wool anti S+W auto fan. I've never believed S+W made anything in autos worth owning right from the start. I know, just an opinion and others like their autos over the years.

    This M+P series S+W's have my attention at the moment, and if I had not already bought a P35 HP last week and it would be waiting for me when I got back, which it was, I probably would have ordered one through the shop. Never thought I'd like ANY Smith auto, but this one is pretty damned nice in my hand, more importantly, this one ran hard and fast when fired without any problems.

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    SloMo228, I hope that you really enjoy your M&P 9c! I have the M&P .40c and I really do like it! It feels great in my hand ans shoots very nicely. It is very accurate and the felt recoil is lee than the g27 I traded in on it.
    A couple of you in this thread asked about holster options. I carry IWB. In Kydex, I would look at the Infidel or the CTAC from Comp-tac. In leather, K&D Holsters (http://www.kdholsters.com/) make some great gear. Here are some pics of my Cochise Defender that they made for my .40c. It is an awesome holster!!


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