Truck Gun

Truck Gun

This is a discussion on Truck Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have noticed lately that there have been far too many times where I don't have my gun on me. I can't carry at work ...

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Thread: Truck Gun

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    Truck Gun

    I have noticed lately that there have been far too many times where I don't have my gun on me. I can't carry at work and I work early so with getting the kids ready and such I forget about lugging my gun with me. Do any of you keep a gun in your car at all times and if so what would be an inexpensive but reliable piece designated for truck use? I was thinking about the Keltec 9mm or a revolver. Also do you have a lock box in your cars or do you just store it somewhere else.

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    Only you can decide what an inexpensive gun is, but I'd imagine one of the Kel-Tecs would do (Whether it be the P-11, P-3AT, or the P-32).

    I don't know the name of it, but some guys had posted a link to a locking case. They usually sell them in pairs, & if you buy them together, they're keyed for the same key. It's pretty handy & you could have one in a couple or 3 cars with using the same key to open them.
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    My Dad still keeps a single shot 12 ga under the back seat of his truck. He had a canvas hanging bag for it behind the seat of his old truck which was a regular cab. He used to keep a savage over and under .22 over 20ga, in the truck but they increased in value to the point where he was afraid it would be stolen, so he put the 1 shooter in there. His thinking is he won't be out much if it's stolen and it's there if he needs it.

    I recall days when I, and everybody else, kept a rifle or shotgun in my back window, but these days that's just advertising to get your truck broken into around here.

    I don't leave a gun in my truck, because God forbid someone comes in my yard in the middle of the night and steals it, then comes in and shoots me with it, or goes to one of my neighbor's houses and shoots them.

    I just take my gun to the car or truck when I leave and bring it in when I go in the house at night. A truck safe would probably be a good plan for me too.
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    Truck Gun

    I don't know what gun would be good, but I keep a 5" 1911 in one of these boxes.

    It works very well and is cheap.

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    Some people seem to prefer the sks or Mosin Nagants, as they are cheap, and can take severe beatings without a worry.

    Those locking cases are nice, and work well enough, but you would be surprised at the amount dirt/dust that can accumilate inside it, especially if you do not open it often. So, for that reason if your preference lies with handguns I would suggest a cheap (but reliable brand) revolver, as they tend to be more tolerant of dirt.
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    I have an anti snatch and grab safe on a cable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockedlocked01 View Post
    I don't know the name of it, but some guys had posted a link to a locking case. They usually sell them in pairs, & if you buy them together, they're keyed for the same key. It's pretty handy & you could have one in a couple or 3 cars with using the same key to open them.
    I'm sure you are talking about Center of Mass. I have two keyed alike. The medium sized one is in the wife's car and is perfect for her Kahr. The large one is in my truck and works just right for the S&W 1066 or a 1911. Quick delivery and quality equipment.

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    A used S&W SW9VE would be a great truck gun. You can pick them up for around $225 - $250. Or new ones can be had for under $300, and S&W has a promotion right now. They come with 2 16 round mags, and you get a coupon for 2 more free ones.
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    I'd consider a Ruger SP101 with a three inch barrel and load it with softer .38's in case you ever have to shoot it from within the truck. They're stainless and build like tanks. A shot gun can be a bit awkward to bring to bear in a truck...just a thought.
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    Revolver all the way. less upkeep and will fire in an instant from mag springs to worry about.
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    What do you want the truck gun to do? Is there any specific role in mind? Are you looking for a long rifle or a handgun?

    If you're looking for a long rifle, you can't go wrong with a cheap SKS. Keep some decent ammo on hand, buy a cracked-stock SKS for the cheap price, ditch the wood and replace it with a synthetic stock, and you have a great, inexpensive gun in a common caliber. OR you can get a Saiga and accomplish the same thing for about the same price. ;)

    If you're looking for a handgun, which presumably you are since this is posted in the Concealed Carry Guns section, then I'm of the mind that you get the most reliable one you're comfortable with using. What comes to mind are revolvers, Glocks, things that are fairly inexpensive and built to last. Remember, you're not carrying it much if it's your truck gun, so size isn't as much a restriction as it would be otherwise.


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    I just recently acquired a 1969 Browning High Power thats now my truck gun. It has 13rds in the mag, none in the chamber and hammer down, and a spare mag along with it for another 13 rds.

    I also still have the Winny 30-30 lever action along at all times in the truck. The BHP was just additional insurance. One might be better than another depending on whats happening at the time. Now both are options giving me more leeway in a response to outside stimulus.

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    Regardless of what I've got (or don't have) on my belt...there's a Ruger SP101 3" & two extra Speed Loaders accessable in a small day pack attached to the BACK of the passenger-side pickup truck seat. It's an easy reach behind that seat from the driver's seat, especially if I move the passenger-side just a bit forward. It's easily unattached to store in the house or as a grab-&-go bag with a flashlight, rope, full canteen, matches, poncho, gloves, first aid kit, etc. in case a fast response bug-out is ever necessary. Hope not, but it could happen.
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    The M1 Carbine pulls truck gun duty for me.

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    What about the "heat"?

    Because I work on base I can't carry daily. However, it's going to be 113 degrees tomorow (4 July) which brings up this question: That means a car outside can reach 130 degrees inside or greater. Is there ever a possibility of ammo "cooking" off? Considering it is 140 in Iraq right now I'm thinking not. Any thoughts?

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