New to me Taurus PT-99AF

New to me Taurus PT-99AF

This is a discussion on New to me Taurus PT-99AF within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So, even with my negative experiences thus far with Taurus I find myself drawn to their products. I can't explain it. I went gun shopping ...

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Thread: New to me Taurus PT-99AF

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    New to me Taurus PT-99AF

    So, even with my negative experiences thus far with Taurus I find myself drawn to their products. I can't explain it. I went gun shopping in the hopes to find a stainless CZ-75B or a Sig 220 Carry Elite Stainless steel frame and I come across a Taurus pt-99AF in blue. The gun was immaculate (more on this later) and I have this thing for Beretta 92's BUT damn if someone didn't put the safety in the wrong place. Well I have heard how decent the older PT-92/99's are/were and I love the way the safety feels and no silly decock mode...well, the price was right so I bought it. It came with one mag and the original box and warranty card (but no 2nd mag and no manual).

    I am familiar with detail stripping the Beretta so the Taurus was a breeze. I really think this gun was only test fired at the factory as there was almost no evidence of wear or power residue. No one cleans a gun as clean as this was. And the only real gunk I had to clean was the thickened dried up oil.

    I have yet to shoot her yet but that will be Sunday. I am embarrassed to admit it but I "almost" don't want to shoot it. I LOVE blued guns but they show wear so easily and it is such a sharp looking gun with such rich anodizing and bluing (far better then Taurus's current finishes). But I keep telling my self that for Pete's sake it is a TAURUS and it weren't made to look at.

    According to the folks at Taurus (based on the serial #) this old girl was manufactured late in 1988...she is coming up on twenty years old!!!

    We will see how she shoots, hopefully this gun doesn't make it 0 for 3 on working Taurus I own!

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    But I keep telling my self that for Pete's sake it is a TAURUS and it weren't made to look at.

    I changed my name from 0.02 as everyone referred to it in posts and got me confused. Now this...


    Enjoy the new gun, but shoot it, you can't take them with you when your time is up.


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    Wow!!! Sounds like a real treasure. Enjoy.

    I have several Taurus sidearms and not a problem with any of them.


    just me

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    Hello. If interested, here's an older report I did on the PT92AF:

    Best and enjoy your pistol.

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    Mr. Camp your article was one of my deciding factors. you and I seem to have very similar tastes and I enjoy your website and you articles!

    Thanks much,


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    So i got out to the range and ran 50 rounds of FMJ through the PT-99, unfortunately thats all I had on hand and I was not feeling great so I didn't rush out to get more.


    Well, I firmly believe that you can't tell much from 50 rounds but I shoot her accurately, no surprise as I shoot Berettas pretty well also.

    I like it so far, but until I can get 500 rounds through the pipe in one sitting I will not trust it, but the experience of others suggests that there is a pretty good chance she will be fine.

    I had the opportunity to compare the Taurus with my fathers Beretta 92 FS Inox and while the Beretta DOES show a higher degree of finish machining it does not appear that the Taurus is not deficient anywhere it counts. But I will say this...Beretta SHOULD have stuck with a frame mounted safety, I would buy one of they did.

    I only have one magazine and obviously want to pick up several more. 15 vs. 17 rounds makes no difference to me, any one know if the Mec-Gar ones are OK, or should I stick with the older 15 rounds Taurus mags?

    And here is the obligatory picture:
    Attached Images
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    I have a satin nickel PT-99 that is the same age as yours. It was my first CCW gun and I still love it. It has many, many thousands of rounds through it and it has never once given me any trouble at all. Heck, it still has all its original springs.

    You will love this gun. And the Mec-Gar mags work well. I have a few of them and they perform just as good as the originals. In fact, I think Mec-Gar now supplies all of Taurus magazines with their new guns.

    You found a good one. The older PT-92/99 guns are great. And I agree, Beretta should have stuck with the frame mounted safety like the Taurus still has. I would own a Beretta with a frame mounted safety too.

    Here's my PT-99:
    ,=====o00o _
    l_--- \___l---[]lllllll[]
    (o)_)-o- (o)_)--o-)_)

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    Congratulations on the new purchase! If your PT-99 is anything like mine, you'll love it. I have put about 1500 rounds through it since I bought it and it has not had a SINGLE failure to feed, fire, or extract. It is a big gun for a 9mm, yes, but that just means it's a very controllable and surprisingly accurate pistol. I will second the recommendation on Mec-Gar magazines. My PT99 came with a 10-round magazine, so I quickly bought 3 Mec-Gar hi-caps. Never had a problem with them.

    The older PT-92/PT-99 pistols are some of the best deals in the shooting world, IMO.

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    I'm no Taurus fan but I must say my PT92 was every bit as nice as my Beretta 92F...and I liked the 1911 style safety on the Taurus much more...I only sold it because my duty carry is the 92F and I didn't want to get confused by identical guns with different safeties....

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    My dealer happened to have a Taurus brand 17 round PT92/99 mag so I bought it. Function was flawless, I plan on getting another couple.

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    I purchased my satin nickel PT92 in '87 and have shot more rounds thru that gun than anything I currently own. Has only ever jammed on me twice and both were stovepipes on CCI Blazer ammo. Too light to eject properly. Never have used that ammo since.

    Took it to the Academy as my weapons training gun and shot beside 2 guys with Berettas. Needless to say they, and my instructor, all agreed the safety on my Taurus was much more "user friendly" than the slide mounted version.

    Did I mention I also qualified higher than both the guys with the Berettas?

    Congrats your recent purchase! Wonderful weapon!!!
    You never see a motorcycle parked ouside a psychiatrist's office!

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