1st Time Out With Kahr MK9

1st Time Out With Kahr MK9

This is a discussion on 1st Time Out With Kahr MK9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took my new MK9 out to the range today, and fired 100 FMJ rounds (50 WWB / 50 Blazer Brass) without a hitch. Next ...

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Thread: 1st Time Out With Kahr MK9

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    1st Time Out With Kahr MK9

    I took my new MK9 out to the range today, and fired 100 FMJ rounds (50 WWB / 50 Blazer Brass) without a hitch. Next time I go I'll have to throw some hollow-points into the mix.

    The MK9 handles the recoil very well - as it should since it weighs 22 ounces unloaded. I do have a couple of potential 'gripes' that I need to work on and address:

    1) The magazine lips are very narrow, and loading rounds into them really did a number on my thumb. I figure this may get easier with time, or worst case I buy a magazine loader.

    2) I need to learn how to get a good grip on the gun with the 6 round flush magazine. I tried hooking my pinky underneath the base plate, but the gun still seemed to jump around a bit. It was a hot day, so sweat did play a small factor. It was much stable with the 7 round magazine. I could try the Pearce extensions on the 6 rounder, but am concerned that they may make concealment a little tougher (but not by much).

    3) I think to also make my grip better I might either go with some tape on the frontstrap, or possibly get the wooden grips that Kahr offers. I'll have to research past threads to find opinions on either of these ideas.

    Even with these minor quibbles, I was very impressed with the gun today, and hope that the next few range outings with it are just as good so I can deem it reliable enough to carry.

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    Thank's for the review!

    I am looking at the MK9 for a pocket gun for me while in the office and my girl friend has it on her top 5 list that she is willing to carry, so we might have two sometime soon.

    I would also try the AGrip Kahr offers as well, I'd bet that would stable your grip on all accounts even when sweating.

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    Short grip on MK9

    I just bought a Kahr MK9 last week myself, and hope to shoot it sometime this week. I am hoping for results as good as yours.

    As for the short 2 finger grip on the gun, when using the 6 round magazine, I am also considering buying the Pearce grip extension:

    This will affect concealability slightly in certain modes of carry, but looks like it might give the pinky finger a place to rest. I also don't think that extra grip length in the front of the grip is as obvious as it would be in the back of the grip. I noticed this fact while using my Walther PPK, which has an optional grip extension on some magazines but not on others:

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    MK Kahr

    I have the MK40, and I put the little Pearce grip on the short magazine. It made a big difference for controllability but sticks out almost as far as the extended magazine, without the benefit of the extra round. I ended up shortening the part to get the best of concealment and comfort. Never had any reliability problems using it.

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    I carry one a lot. Good little gun.

    Yes, I do find the tiny grip area makes it a bit of a challenge to shoot accurately, but it can be done.

    My biggest gripe is mine wants to rust easily in this summer weather, even when wiped down regularly.............

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    When I am forced to carry a "Bottom Feeder" as a BUG I carry a Kahr PM9.

    I think they make great weapons and have the sweetest DAO Trigger on the market. Congrats on the new gat.


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