P3AT Question

P3AT Question

This is a discussion on P3AT Question within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Kel-Tec P3AT. THe gun was very stiff when I bought it, but I had hoped that it would eventually loosen up. I've ...

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Thread: P3AT Question

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    Question P3AT Question

    I have a Kel-Tec P3AT. THe gun was very stiff when I bought it, but I had hoped that it would eventually loosen up. I've only put about 250 rounds through it, so maybe it will still losen up some.

    My question to ya'll is whether ther is anything that I can do to expedite the process other than oiling it up and continuously working the slide? I've heard something about a "Fluff-n-Buff", but what exactly is that?

    Any ideas or advice welcome.

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    Eddie, the following is a link to directions for the so called "Fluff-n-Buff." A Kel-Tec P32 is used for the pictures but it applies to pretty much any auto.


    I have a P32 and have been considering a P3AT. My P32 has performed flawlessly without a F-n-B (except for the .32's rim-lock which I have taken care of).

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    +1 on eagle5 link for the fluff and buff.

    There is also the KTOG (Kel Tec Owners Group) forum if you haven't been there yet. Lots of info just for the little pistols.


    I'm really leaning towards getting one as a small deep conceal when I can't carry anything else. Lately you hear just as much good as bad so who knows.

    Good luck.

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    I have carried a first generation P-3AT for almost three years. Mine, too, was pretty stiff when I first got it. Rather than a Fluff-n-buff, all I did to mine was to take a Dremel tool with the rounded felt tip with a little polishing compound, and polish the feed ramp and the edges of the chamber. Then I put plain white toothpaste on the frame rails and worked it back and forth for about 20 minutes. Cleaned it, re-greased and re-oiled, and it's worked like a champ ever since.

    Mine now has nearly a 1000 rounds through it, and the trigger will get a little better with time. Still long and heavy, but much smoother now.

    BTW: mine likes either Federal Hydra-Shoks or Speer Gold Dots.
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    The long and heavy trigger pull is your 'safety'. Shoot your pistol more, and it will soon seem natural. Firing a few hundred more rounds is probably the best way to improve your pistol and your proficiency with it.
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    I'm up over 3,000 rounds with mine, and let me tell you... it's not too stiff anymore. :)

    No problems with it so far... knock on wood.
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    I have both a P3AT and a P32. Both have been given the F'nB treatment and work fine. I will carry one of them if I am going to be wearing something where my SIG or Glock won't fit.

    As previously stated, it takes a few hundred rounds to get used to the trigger pull. Take your time with it at first to get a good feel for the slack and then start shooting normally.

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    I also purchased a 38t. Yes is was very stiff. I had a hard time racking it. After about 500 round (painful at times) It is a lot loser. I have only cleaned it about 20 times. Now a child can rack it. It is a carry allot shot little after you break it in. Now its in a uncle Mikes in my front pocket. Every once in a blue moon I will shoot some ball ammo down range. I do this because I feel I need to get the feel of the long trigger pull in a stressful situation. I have a love hate situation with the weapon.
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    The more it cycles the smoother and easier it will get. I got some snap caps and continuously dry fired it as I was watching TV (probably 250 - 300 cycles). Afterward it was much better. This has the added advantage of improving your trigger control at the same time.

    Another thing you can do to speed up the process is use a polishing slurry:

    Slurry Recipe

    Get a small tub of original J&B Bore Cleaner, and a small bottle of CLP Breakfree (Mil-Spec LSA weapons oil will work, too). Put about a teaspoonful of the bore cleaner in a small cup and mix the oil with it until it will just sag off the end of a screwdriver without dripping. Let it stand uncovered overnight to let the carrier evaporate.

    Slop it on parts that you want to slide or rub smoothly together such as slide rails and trigger action parts. Then repeatedly cycle the parts so the slurry smooths and cleans the areas that rub together. Once the parts are running smoothly, THOROUGHLY clean off the slurrywith Gun Scrubber for polymer guns (or other rinse-type cleaner that is safe for plastics), then lube the gun as you normally would.

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    I just bought a P32 yesterday and put 50 rounds down range at 7 yards with nice groups. I also got a 10 round mag that really helps with the grip and my big hands. It seems pretty stiff, but the ammo is fairly cheap compared to .45 acp that I am used to buying so it shouldn't cost too much to loosen it up a little. I really like the little gun and appreciate the link to the KT Owners' Group... I will be looking at that also.
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    I've put more than 500 rounds through mine and it felt like it loosened up a little. But you are putting a decent size round through a very small light gun. My self personally wouldn't want it to be too loose.
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    Have a P3AT and it took 500 rounds to smooth it out, though you could send it back or try to do it without firing it. I've never been a fan of smoothing out actions other than through use; sure its more expensive but you develop a working relation with the gun. The P3AT shouldnt' get loose, just smoother. Great little BUG.

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    I have 3 KT's...P-11, P-3AT, and the .32...I have had the .380 and the .32 for several years...did the F&B...
    Not fun guns to shoot at the range, but mine have never failed...
    Great little carry weapons...not my EDC...but great little 'friends' to say the least...

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    I own a P3AT and after 250 rounds the small guide rod spring popped out the front, I guess the guide rod hole was too big, I sent the slide back to KelTec on July 2 2007, still waiting for the replacement. I really like the gun and hope to get the replacement slide soon. Mine is a 2G pistol and did not feel stiff while shooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Detroittwister View Post
    I own a P3AT and after 250 rounds the small guide rod spring popped out the front
    I'm going through the same issue as we speak.

    I can't recommend this as a CCW unless you are willing to "work with it" until is fit for duty.

    Not worth it IMO

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