I don't care for .40s either. I find the recoil too "fast." IMHO, it limits how quick one can fire follow-up shots.

As to the CW's sights. I believe the CW is the low-end/cost-cutter Kahr. They're nice, but they did things to save money. The sights aren't dovetailed & their barrels aren't the polygonal type. Of course, for some, that might not be a problem if you like/want to shoot lead bullets through your gun.

Personally, I really like my PM9 & am VERY happy with it. No problems firing +Ps through it & I don't think the recoil is bad at all. I'll admit, though, that when I shoot it, I usually use the extended mag so I can get a full grip on it.

Now that my P-32 is in, I probably won't be pocket carrying the PM9 much. I prefer to carry it IWB/appendix. When I carry it that way, there's no problem concealling it with the extended mag in. In fact, with the tuckable Fist holster I just got, carrying it with the shirt tucked is not a problem at all.