Range Report: .40 S&W Kimber Pro CDP II, After a Trip to EGW...

Range Report: .40 S&W Kimber Pro CDP II, After a Trip to EGW...

This is a discussion on Range Report: .40 S&W Kimber Pro CDP II, After a Trip to EGW... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; About a year ago, I bought a Kimber CDP Pro in .40 used from a member here. The gun appeared flawless, I began the break ...

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Thread: Range Report: .40 S&W Kimber Pro CDP II, After a Trip to EGW...

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    Post Range Report: .40 S&W Kimber Pro CDP II, After a Trip to EGW...

    About a year ago, I bought a Kimber CDP Pro in .40 used from a member here. The gun appeared flawless, I began the break in period that lasted way too long, even after 700-800 rounds it seemed to be getting worse (Failure to feed, failure to go into battery, failure to eject, stove piping on occasion, you name it) eventually I gave up on it after trying the home remedies (changing mags, etc, etc.) and took it to EGW (Evolution Gun Works), on top of making it run I had a few additions made, I had them install an over sized firing pin stop to deaden the recoil a bit, the .40 in an alloy frame kicks a good bit, and added one of their 1/4" guide rods and ISMI spring kits. Today I finally got to test it out after it being in the shop for 3 months.

    Now for those of you asking "Why didn't you send it back to Kimber?" It's because it was out of warranty by the time I bought it, and I KNOW EGW does really good work, my hat is of to George for the work on this and my wife's Kimber.

    For my tests I used a batch of re-manufactured 180gr FMJs, Federal 155gr Hi Shocks, Federal 155gr Hydra Shocks, and Federal 135gr EFMJ in order to have a good variety of bullet types.

    I shot a total of 156 rounds tonight:

    • 87 Rounds of FMJ
    • 39 Rounds of 155 Gr Hi Shock
    • 26 Rounds of 155 Gr Hydra Shock
    • 4 Rounds of EFMJ

    Ff the 156 rounds fired I had 3 issues, using a total of 11 mags by 3 manufacturers:

    My first issue was the last round ejected with the second to last round using ball ammo in one of the Metalform mags, this is most likely a feed lip issue and that mag is going bye-bye

    The second issue was a fail to feed (nose up jam into the barrel hood) using the Federal 155gr Hi Shock in another Metalform Mag, I see a trend here...

    My last issue was using 155gr Hydra Shocks, I had an early slide lock using one of the Tripp Research Cobra Mags, and that was most likely my fault as I was using those mags pretty heavy as they had zero issues up until that time.

    The EFMJ rounds fed well but I only shot 4 rounds of it, more testing will tell, but as the rest of the ball ammo fed fine, I don't think these will be an issue.

    I had each mag marked with a sharpie to log my data and have eliminated two mags from my rotation, those being the two Metalform magazines.

    The work done on my Kimber consisted of the following:

    • High magazine catch installed, the factory mag catch held the mags too low, the high catch holds the mag 20 thousandths on an inch higher and keeps the mag seated very firmly.
    • EGW over size firing pin stop fitted and installed, supposedly helps reduce recoil, but I won't vouch for it until I shoot it again with the factory guide rod and spring. For info on how to do the flat bottom FPS yourself, see Bud's thread HERE
    • Reliability work: Polish and throat barrel, tune extractor.
    • EGW long ejector installed, the factory ejector was coming loose...custom gun huh?

      And last but not least...

    • MOVE FEED RAMP OF RAMPED BARREL, yes you read that right, the feed ramp of the barrel was sticking out past the frame causing the mag to hang up occasionally, they had to re-cut the feed ramp, keep in mind this is a Kimber custom shop gun.

    After thoughts:

    I like the Tripp Research mags a whole lot better, they have a beefier engagement area to engage the slide stop, a polymer follower that can't be bent and which is better for use in an alloy gun, and a removable floor plate that makes cleaning the mags a whole lot easier.

    The added on spring kit is a lot better than the standard factory spring, and even the Wolf spring that I tried as a home remedy for my failure to go into battery problem.

    I think it's going to need another 200-300 rounds down range before I can start carrying it, but I'm glad to have back in the arsenal for future use. Basically I'm going to have to go through the whole break in process over again but at least I'll have a really nice carry gun by the time it's all said and done.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash Kimber, they do make a fine gun, but still, it makes you wonder doesn't it? I was kind of steamed to have a custom gun that performed almost as bad as the Llama Mini Max that I had a few years ago. The fit and finish of the gun are excellent, but that won't do me a bit of good in a gun fight.

    The gun shot well, as stated above the recoil was snappy, but not offensive, the gun shoots about 2" high at 10 yards...I'm going to need a rest to diagnose it accurately, but I don't think it's me. I was running the gun tonight well oiled, I'm also going to test it dry later on down the road before it'll be carried.

    All in all, I'm happy with the gun in it's current state, and I'm extremely happy with the work that EGW did, they had it 3 days longer than thee 3 months that they quoted me, but bent over backward to finish up on it when I told them I'd be in the area.
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    Congrats on getting back something special that you can have some faith in. I'm with you; I wouldn't let Kimber replace a washer in my sink, but I'd let EGW replace a heart valve. They do great work! The little known, miracle effect, of replacing any firing pin stop, with a reduced-radiused, start-from-square, EGW, has to be experienced to be believed. Ima believer!!

    +1 on spending your money in your home state, aswell.
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    Glad it is working better JD. I keep problem mags to induce stovepipes, ect for practice clearing problems. Just keep em marked "bad". Also , I # all my mags so , if I experience several failures it is easier to figure out if it is a mag problem.
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    Problem mags can be rectified with judicious use of calipers and some modification.

    I would put a lot more than 200 - 300 rounds through that gun before carrying it like you say, a couple of cases of FMJ and a case of HPs and then we'll start talking holsters.

    Of course, it being a .40 I would probably just sell it and get something else in .45...

    IMO, .45 wasn't broke but they decided to fix it anyway.

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