Hey I Bought A Gun :)

Hey I Bought A Gun :)

This is a discussion on Hey I Bought A Gun :) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to Cabela's the other day and had to have it. :) Cant wait to shoot it. Anyone know of any ammo i should really ...

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Thread: Hey I Bought A Gun :)

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    Hey I Bought A Gun :)

    Went to Cabela's the other day and had to have it. :)

    Cant wait to shoot it. Anyone know of any ammo i should really avoid?

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    Congratulations on the purchase. That's a sweet looking pistol. One of these days I plan on adding a 1911 to my collection as well.

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    Sure is purty!!!!

    Try several different loads & see what it likes. I like Speer Gold Dots, Corbon & Federal Hydra Shocks. Hopefully it will eat ball ammo of any kind....hollow points though....it may be finicky.

    My wife is after me now to buy her a small 1911, she likes my 1911s (full size & Commander), but she want a smaller one. She has absconded with my Kimber HDII in .38super.....& the only way I'll get that back will be when she gets a mini 1911.

    By the way.........just being nosy...... but what did you give for it?
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    For short barrels I personally prefer lighter, faster loads so I'd probably go with something in 185gr +P (Rem. Golden Saber, Fed. Hydra-shok or HST or Speer Gold Dot short barrel load).

    As far as ammo to specifically avoid: Only thing that comes to mind is CCI Shotshells. Not enough pressure to operate most slides and the shot isn't good for the rifling. Seriously, anything else should be fine so it's just trial and error to find the most accurate and reliable load for your specific gun.

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    I gots one too, its a great gun. Stay away from steel case ammo, and life will be good.
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    Aint't they pretty. Bought one about 2 years ago and decided not to shoot it but to save it NIB in my safe. Not a problem.
    My carry is an HK P7 with P2000SK and Kahr MK9 Elite as alternates.

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    Congrats on the gun i would change the pics and cover the serial #

    And throw the Kimber junk mags in the garbage or range use only and get Wilsons for carry

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    It looks nice.

    The manual says "never use +P or handloaded ammo. They go on to say it will void the warranty. I believe the bigger slower bullets work better through short barrels.
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    Very nice pistol.
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    Oh baby that's sweet!
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    on the new gun!

    It is my exact EDC...I love mine!

    Stay armed...stay Ultra safe!

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